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Life is short; smile while you still have teeth

Never say no to deserts!

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5 November
*Age statement: I am well over 18*

Some things you should know before you proceed:
If you're one of those overly-sensitive people, this journal is not for you. I do not censor myself nor do I care about other people's sensitivities. I'm calling things as I see them.

Okay, we cool? Let's proceed then, shall we?

My username is a combination of the name of my hometown translated into English and the abbreviation of the province I live in. Very creative, I know.

I belong to the last batch of Gen-X and it shows. I speak Dutch, English, a bit of Turkish, and am currently studying German. Also, I am fluent in sarcasm.

I live together with my partner of over two decades, GB. No kids, but we have two boys of the feline kind, Boef and Maxi. During the week, we pretend to be responsible adults and everything that comes with it. At nights and weekends, we can be our true selves; utterly bonkers.

In my free time, when we’re not travelling or city hopping, I like to go on hikes and runs, take pictures, quote poetry, help orphans, run ultra-marathons. Blah blah bah... whatever gets me IG likes... or whatever.
The truth is that I'm very selfish and quite lazy. However, I do love the gym because that's the only thing that keeps me from getting morbidly obese. Because, you know, I like my food and drinks a bit too much.

I have some artistic tendencies, like drawing stick figures. I pretend to be a writer, some original fic but mostly HP fanfic. No worries, I keep that separate from this journal. I’m a big fan of purple prose and the word ‘moist’. If you like that too, you can find my fics here.

Then there's music... I love music. I'd like to say all kinds but that would be a bald-faced lie. I can't stand the microphone warbling or whatever the current fad is called. You know what I mean, Billy Eilish, Khaled, and the like. It needs to die an utterly painful and prolonged death. It needs to be drenched in gasoline and set on fire until there's nothing left but ashes.

Anyways, back to me: I lurv singing, especially to the golden oldies. Unfortunately, GB is not impressed by my singing abilities to the point that he'll walk away whenever I do so. Same goes for our cats, they just run away. What can I say, I live with a bunch of bastards.

I dance, or something like that. I've been told that it looks Iike I'm in the middle of a seizure. I sure have fun doing it though!

Final thing about me: I do not care for politics as left, right, and centre sucks majorly. Please keep out of my journal.

New friends are always welcome. Say hi once in a while, I promise not to bite. Or sing. Or dance. Too much.

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