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1sentence Challenge: Just a Few Words more than enough.

Katie loves Marcus, Marcus loves Katie. There isn’t much to it. A simple tale told in fifty sentences in no particular order.

#01 – Comfort
His arms were big and strong, her private hideout whenever she needed to escape the cruel world around her.

#02 – Kiss
“Finally,” was all she said when he leant in to kiss her for the first time.

#03 – Soft
It didn’t take Katie long to give up on trying to make her friends see that Marcus was the biggest bleeding heart to roam the earth, much to his relieve.

#04 – Pain
Marcus hissed in pain as Katie took care of his bleeding knuckles whilst nagging him to tell what had happened; he’d never tell her that his best friend had referred to her as Mudblood.

#05 – Potatoes
“Looks, ah, delicious, love,” Marcus said as sincerely as he could muster as he looked down at the lumps of coal on his plate, next to what looked like the sole of one of his worn-out boots.

#06 – Rain
“Don’t you dare, Flint, stay away from me,” Katie shrieked laughing as she ran away from a soaking wet Marcus.

#07 – Chocolate
Marcus wasn’t sure if he ought to laugh or have a fit when he caught his four-year-old daughter nibbling on the chocolate cock her ‘Aunties’ had given Katie for her birthday; he sure as hell didn’t want a bite when little Emma offered him one.

#08 – Happiness
Seeing Katie’s eyes flutter open after months of tethering on the thin line between life and death was one of the most joyous moments in Marcus’ life.

#09 – Telephone
The first time that Marcus heard the telephone ring at his in-laws’ house, he smashed the contraption against the wall in a moment of panic.

#10 – Ears
Behind her right ear, just above her lobe, Katie had a sensitive spot, and Marcus knew exactly how to use it for his own benefit.

#11 – Name
To get his way, Marcus tampered with the Galleon they used in the coin toss to settle on a name for their firstborn.

#12 – Sensual
Marcus liked the trace his finger along every curve and line of her body as he wondered how on earth he got so lucky to call Katie his.

#13 – Death
Whilst Katie spent May Second with her friends commemorating the fallen heroes of the war, Marcus elected to spent the day alone, visiting the neglected graves of his old friends, the ones who’d made all the wrong choices.

#14 – Sex
After her initial shyness and inexperience had ebbed away, Katie turned into a dream come true, willing to try most things at least once.

#15 – Touch
Marcus was sure that it was a mistake on her end when Katie entwined her fingers with his as they walked to Hogsmeade for their date.

#16 – Weakness
He had a shy way of smiling at her, his cheeks flushed up to his ear tips and glancing at her from underneath his thick lashes that made her want to get undressed and throw herself at him for him to use her as he saw fit.

#17 – Tears
Marcus rarely cried, but when he did, Katie couldn’t help but cry along with him no matter the reason because seeing him like that broke her heart.

#18 – Speed
As far as the Slytherins were concerned, the only reason their Captain spied on the Gryffindors was to find a way to beat them in the next match; Marcus just liked to watch Katie zoom through the air faster than any of her teammates.

#19 – Wind
Their first date at Madam Puddifoot’s almost didn’t happen when a sudden gust of wind turned her carefully coiffed hair into a rat’s nest.

#20 – Freedom
His parents banished him to France when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his Death Eaters rose to power, but Marcus sneaked back into the country the same day; he’d rather fight for Katie and her Muggle parents’ right to exist and die than live the life of a coward.

#21 – Life
At more than nine months pregnant, Katie didn’t see the humour of Marcus’ joke when he told his friends that making a baby was one of the easiest things he’d done.

#22 – Jealousy
Marcus was oddly flattered and impressed when Katie hexed his housemate Samantha Greengrass from the other end of the Great Hall when she’d dared to kiss his cheek in gratitude for lending her his Potions notes.

#23 – Hands
It took Katie several weeks to understand why her friends made such a fuss about Marcus’ big hands and when she finally did, it took another few weeks to keeping her mind from wandering into a direction she wasn’t ready to go and stop blushing each time Marcus held her hand.

#24 – Taste
Katie forbade Marcus from entering her kitchen unsupervised again when he set fire to the cooker for the third time in a week.

#25 – Devotion
Katie’s devotion to Marcus sometimes rose to embarrassing proportions, especially when she took it upon herself to scold the players of the opposing team for hurting her boyfriend, later her husband, after friendly amateur Quidditch matches.

#26 – Forever
Much to the amusement of their families, Marcus didn’t propose to Katie; he just showed up at Ministry in his fanciest clothes and his Grannie’s rings when she told him to do so.

#27 – Blood
Katie didn’t care for the fighting around her, not while all she could see was the bright, rapidly expanding stain on Marcus’ shirt and how sickly warm his blood felt against her palms as she pressed down on his chest to stop the bleeding.

#28 – Sickness
“My mum’s soup doesn’t taste like this,” Marcus bemoaned hoarsely for the umpteenth time that morning, ignoring the fact that Katie was ready to hex him out of the country.

#29 – Melody
Falling asleep on Marcus’ chest was one of Katie’s favourite pastimes; listening to the beat of his heart as he stroked her hair was the best lullaby she’d ever heard.

#30 – Star
After the loss of their second baby six months into the pregnancy, they named the brightest star in the sky after their little girl, Emily, knowing that she would be watching over them.

#31 – Home
It was nothing more than a rundown shack with boarded windows in the middle of nowhere, and their friends and families declared them insane for even thinking about buying it, but all Katie and Marcus had seen was the home they’d raise their family in.

#32 – Confusion
They had a false pregnancy scare once when Katie was in her seventh year and when she’d gone to him crying, it had taken Marcus several tries to understand the problem because she kept talking in riddles; what had tests and her being her late to class to do with him, after all.

#33 – Fear
Katie studied the small spider in the corner, shaking her head as she tried to figure out why it was that such a harmless creature had the ability to send her husband running out the room shrieking like a young girl at Weird Sisters’ concert.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder
Unlike most people, Marcus liked storms; it was the only time Katie allowed him to ‘protect’ her because she was too afraid of the rumbling thunder to face it on her own.

#35 – Bonds
At Marcus’ request, Katie pretended not to see the thick scars on her father-in-law’s wrists; the permanent reminder that the man had dared to defy the Dark Lord during the first war.

#36 – Market
Shopping with the whole family in Diagon Alley was one of Marcus’ biggest annoyances; somehow they always managed to lose a kid or come home with one that wasn’t theirs.

#37 – Technology
Visiting Katie’s parents was something close to a fieldtrip for Marcus; they had very interesting Muggle contraptions in their possession.

#38 – Gift
The chocolate frog Marcus had given her on their first date meant more to Katie than all the expensive presents he’d bought her since then; she kept the card and wrapper in their Gringotts vault with all their other important documents.

#39 – Smile
Unlike her fellow Gryffindors, Katie didn’t think Marcus’ smile was scary; she loved how his whole face lit up, and his eyes sparkled, especially when it was aimed at her.

#40 – Innocence
“I don’t need it, Mum, we’ll talk about it later, yeah?” Katie growled and her cheeks flushed an unhealthy shade of red as she eyed her father and grandparents in hopes that they hadn’t heard her mother’s questions about sex and contraceptives.

#41 – Completion
Only when he heard his firstborn’s first cries, Marcus let go of his stubborn believe that his life with Katie was complete already.

#42 – Clouds
“Oh, over there, that one looks like your-” Katie clamped her hand over mouth, feeling mortified that she’d compared a cloud to his willy.

#43 – Sky
She fell off her broom like an angel falling from heaven, and Marcus vowed to make Montague’s life a lot harder after the match.

#44 – Heaven
Waking up each morning to Katie and their children’s chatter was the best alarm Marcus could’ve asked for.

#45 – Hell
Although Katie told everyone that she couldn’t remember what she'd seen when she touched the cursed necklace, she recalled every torturous second of it; seeing Marcus die over and over again was the very definition of hell for her, one she feared would come true if she’d ever speak of it aloud.

#46 – Sun
She was a Fourth Year with a smile so bright and welcoming, and her mere presence was able to warm up the coldest of days, and Marcus couldn’t help but smile along with her, even if it was from a distance.

#47 – Moon
From the moment that their children were old enough to fly, they took them on a midnight flight on Hallowe’en to scare the Muggles.

#48 – Waves
As the Death Eaters and their allies charged at the castle in never-ending droves, Marcus realised that he’d gladly take any curse aimed at Katie as long as that meant she’d be safe.

#49 – Hair
Marcus wasn’t a man to tell his wife how to dress or groom but when Katie came home one day with blond hair as a surprise for him, he sent her right back to the barber; some things were meant to stay a fantasy, unfortunately.

#50 – Supernova
It didn’t happen often, and she was careful to keep her composure but once unleashed, Marcus made sure to take cover as Katie exploded in a destructive rage, blinding and deafening the one her fury was aimed at.
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