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One of these days, Katie/ Marcus, PG

Title: One Of these Days
Character(s): Katie Bell, Marcus Flint
Pairing(s): Katie/Marcus
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Unebetaed
Challenge(s): Mixandmatch100 Prompt #1 Resolution
Word count: 5x100
Author's notes: Inspired by a song by Dutch singer Benny Neyman, may he rest in peace. Enjoy!

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“One of these days,” Marcus muttered as he watched Katie laugh and chatter with her friends by the bar. When she caught his eye, he quickly dropped his gaze to his drink. She didn’t need to know that he’d been ogling her. Not yet, anyway.

But one of these days, he would. He’d ask her.

One of these days, he’d ask her to take a chance on him. He’d ask her to look beyond their Houses, to look beyond the differences between Purebloods and Muggleborns. He’d ask her to believe him when he said that he wasn’t the evil Slytherin he knew she thought him to be. She’d say yes, of course, she always did in his fantasies.

One of these days, he’d steal her away from her friends and take her out for a fancy dinner. They’d talk and laugh and have a good time, and he’d memorise everything she said so he’d know how to spoil her for their next date. And by the end of the night, she’d allow him to kiss her, allow him to hold her.

One of these days, he’d buy her the world, anything she needed and wanted. He’d sell his soul to make her happy and see that look on her face that told him that he was the only one in the world for her. He’d love her till his last heartbeat.

One of these days, he’d hold her hand as they walked about in public. He’d be proud to be seen with her. He’d flaunt her, rub it in everyone’s faces that he, Marcus Flint, had managed to woo a girl like her. He’d rub it in everyone’s faces that a girl like her had allowed a man like him to woo her.

One of these days, he’d take her to his home village and show her the house he was building with his bare hands and his magic. He’d show her that he wasn’t all talk and no action. He’d show her that those castles in the skies they’d been building over the months weren’t just daydreams. He’d ask her to become his wife, to take him as her husband.

One of these days, he’d do all that. But first, he needed to ask her.

Marcus lifted his eyes from his drink, surprised to see Katie still watching him, smiling at him. Perhaps, ‘one day’ was today.

Out of nowhere, Lee Jordan emerged behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist as he nuzzled her hair, whispering in her ear. The brief window of opportunity slammed shut for Marcus when she turned in Jordan’s arms, swaying her hips in rhythm with his.

“One of these days,” Marcus muttered as he turned his attention back to his drink. He didn’t need to see her get swept off her feet by someone else. By her friend, someone else who wasn’t him.

One of these days, he’d ask her to take a chance on him.

But today was not that day.
Tags: drabble, katie bell/marcus flint, mixandmatch100, rating: pg-13
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