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The Friday Five

1. Do you like to reply to every comment in your journal?
I try to but it isn’t always easy to reply to one-word comments or emojis. I mean, what do say to that.

2. What type of post gets the most/least responses in your journal?
Personal photographs gets the most attention and long text posts, be it fiction or a proper journal entry, gets the least. I like to think that nowadays, people are more visually orientated. That, or my writing is just too boring to finish, let alone comment on. J

3. What do you do when a new person first comments in your journal?
Am I supposed to do something?

4. When you're reading someone else's journal, do you read every comment before adding your own?
Yes, mostly when I’m too tired to think and form words in English, reading comments helps my brain to kick-start itself to translate what I want to say into English.

5. When is "too late" to reply to an entry?
Never. I really don’t understand when people say that they find it creepy that people comment on their old posts. It’s public (at least accessible), why shouldn’t they comment? Is there a deadline on such things I’m not aware of?

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