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  • Preach!

    The Parent Trap, from the ‘bad guy’s POV. First, it funny as fuck. And second, should I worry that I find myself agreeing with her? 😳 Vid is in two…

  • When I grow up

    I finally figured out what I wanna be when I grow up: a sensory judge at Ferrero, tasting Nutella! Source 1 Source 2 Etc. You reckon I stand a…

  • Hey!

  • She’s almost here

  • Weekend recap

    Not much to tell really. We went to Dishoek, to the beach, on Saturday. It was overcrowded, noisy, and twas two whole degrees cooler than back home,…

  • Musical Monday; Ipod Shuffle

    Twas the summer of 1980. A young couple in their early twenties were discussing how to name their second accident that was expected to arrive in…

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