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Fic Index

Hullo Lovelies!

Most of my fics if not all can be found on AO3, but I reckon that it won't hurt to have a backup here (and DW) as well.

You can find the index right here!

Update 03-08-2018. For various reasons, HP-fanfiction and fandom aren't appealing to me any longer. That's why I’ve decided to put down my quill and parchment with regards to fanfic and pick up pen and paper for original work.

However, me being me, I have a shit-load of unfinished works stored in my Onedrive that I know acknowledge, will never be finished. That doesn't mean that they do not deserve to be read.

So, I’ve created a new journal for permanently unfinished stories and story-outlines that will stay just that. You can find it right here; plotbunnygrvyrd. The plan is to post everything in my ‘unfinished’ folder and move everything with the tag ‘plotbunny graveyard’ from here over to plotbunnygrvyrd.
This also means, by the way, that the WIPs and open series over at AO3 will not be completed either. Except for the 'when we were young'series. I've a couple one-shots written for that, and the final one is rather fitting. You'll see what I mean once I post it.

Anyway, thank you for your readership, and maybe we'll meet again.
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