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Weekend recap

Not much to tell really. We went to Dishoek, to the beach, on Saturday. It was overcrowded, noisy, and twas two whole degrees cooler than back home, so that helped. 😐
We went for a early dinner in nearby Vlissingen before driving an hour back home. I’m glad G. drove because my brain was too fried to concentrate on traffic.

Sunday morning started with an early run, hoping that I could make it back home before it got too warm. The good news: I ran managed to stumble for 15km on my swollen and painful feet (combination of heat and medication ☹️)
The bad: it became warmer way sooner than I’d expected and I ran out of water half-way through. I was parched and exhausted by the time I made it home.

Another plus, pic spam!

As you can see, we desperately need rain in my corner of the world.

Sunday afternoon was spent shopping because the washing machine ate my fave bra (the one time I forgot to use a net), and bbq-ing with my sisters and fam. But honestly, it was just too warm for to eat, so I’m left with freezer full of meat for a redo.

That was my weekend summarised. How was yours?
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