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Musical Monday; Ipod Shuffle

Twas the summer of 1980. A young couple in their early twenties were discussing how to name their second accident that was expected to arrive in November of that year. They already had an agreement on a boy’s name, recycling the one they’d chosen during the first pregnancy since that one had resulted in a baby girl.

The man insisted that they’d use the name he had come up, hoping that their future daughter would be as smart and talented as the woman he wanted to name her after. The woman, in the meanwhile, insisted that they’d go with her more traditional choice for no other reason than that he got to name their first daughter. Besides, she couldn’t care less for the woman her husband admired enough to name a child after.

Ultimately, after days of going back and forth, the couple took the suggestion of the man’s younger brother to heart and decided to settle the matter with a coin toss. The man won.

And that is how I got my name; Selda.
This the talented lady I was named after, and the only song of hers that I like:

Selda Bagcan is a Turkish activist, folk- and political singer. More here. My dad, being the bleeding-heart semi-hippie, was a big fan of her.

Me? Although I can understand why someone would want to name their child after such a talented and inspiring woman, I’m sorry to say that I take more after my mother. Most of Selda’s music just doesn’t appeal to me, composition and lyric wise, the song above being the exception.

Why do I like this song then? Simple, the message here is loud and clear: the world is unjust, and being a good person alone won’t get you anywhere. And on days that everything sucks but you aren’t particularly in want of a solution, whinging and complaining along with this song is a good outlet.

Translated lyrics here.

I’m glad my dad won the toss. Believe you me, my mother’s choice would have traumatised me for life.
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