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The Friday Five for July 20

1. What plans did you have for this summer?
Not much really, we’re trying not to plan ahead too much. The goal is the have at least one active outing (varying from a city trip to visiting a festival or just a bike ride or a day at the beach) per weekend until our Corfu trip at the end of August.

2. Have you accomplished them or is it still a work in progress? Since the summer is still in full swing, it’s work in progress. But in the sense that we’ve accomplished to do something fun every weekend and still have another 5-6 weeks to go.

3. What would make this summer much better for you? A bit of rain would be nice. It’s getting increasingly difficult to keep my garden lush and colourful. We (in the NL, and in specific my region) hasn’t had proper rainfall in the last six weeks or so.

4. When did you go back to school from summer break when you were a kid?
At latest on the first Monday in September in primary and secondary school. At Uni, sometime during the first week of September was the standard.

5. Is anyone else as shocked as I am that July and most of the summer is nearly over? Yes, time seems to fly by, more than usual. I blame it on work.

Here, have some musical assistance to help you stay/ get into the summer mood.

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