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Working 9 to 5, uhh, 8 to 6, uh, 8 to 8...

How I feel today after 10 hours spent at work:

I don’t mind hard work or hectic jobs, but I have to admit that my current workload is getting to me. I’m constantly tired but restless and more than usual short-tempered. Not to mention, my UC is playing up, the rumble in my belly loud enough to wake the dead. A very, very bad sign.

For the last two weeks, I’ve documentef everything I have to do additional to my core task of setting up the purchasing department. Today, after I got fed up by something insignificant I can’t even remember, I presented my findings to our Operations Manager. After wasting nearly thirty minutes of my time beating around the bush, he finally admitted that it’s indeed too much work for 1 person alone. He should’ve stopped there since I just wanted to be heard. But no, he had to go and tell me that someone like me should surely be able to handle a little bit of stress being the professional I am.

Yeah, no, wrong answer mate.

Mid-twenties green-as-grass me would’ve been flattered by the ‘compliment’. Late 30’s me wasn’t impressed.

I gave him the ultimatum to find me an capable assistent (the last one was a complete ditz) before I return from holiday mid-September or else I’m walking. I don’t think he takes me seriously on this, which shows his lack of experience with purchasers. We don’t give out ultimatums unless we’re ready to see it through.

Until my holiday in 5 weeks’ time, I’m on a ‘strike’. No helping out others, offering help, or staying late to meet deadlines.

Let’s wait and see when decides to take his head out of his arse.

To conclude, some Dolly to cheer me up. I recommend the film, 9 to 5, if you haven’t seen it.

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