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Throwback Thursday

Hi, meet three-tear-old me. Pic taken in ‘84 in Konya, Turkey where my uncle was stationed at the time.

Even back then, my hair refused to be cooperative. 😂

From a few months old to approx. 4 years of age, I lived in Turkey with my auntie (mum’s sister) and her husband. My mother, being 21 and having two kids under two to take care of, was a bit ‘overwhelmed’ shortly after my birth. So, it was decided to send me away for a while. That turned out to last 4 years.

I knew who ‘baba’ (dad) was because he made a point of it to call me weekly (as I’ve been told) and visit me once a year. But other than that, my auntie was my mum as far as I knew/ wanted to know.

Imagine my horror when mother showed up one day,trying to cuddle and kiss me. And then she told me she had come to take me home. I remember crying a lot and running out of the room each time my mother came in. In reality, again as I was told, I was a true nightmare to deal with. My mother was apparently taken aside at the airport even because the guards thought she was kidnapping me.

So, yeah, I guess my my and my mum’s rocky relationship started there.
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