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Teaser Tuesday

A snippet from 'The Hormone Monster'. A one-shot written (almost done) for one of the prompts at hp_bunintheoven.

“Fucking beached whale…eating for two my big fat arse…” Katie cursed in the bathroom as she pinched her bum, glaring at herself in the mirror. “…have another cake… stupid bint…take a piece instead of the whole thing…”

Marcus gulped hard, today promised to be a bad, bad day. He should’ve taken his dad up on his offer to hunt for dragon eggs in Snowdonia. He heard it was breeding season, which was surely a lot safer than staying at home with his pregnant girlfriend.

Since Marcus was rather attached to his bits and sanity, there was only one solution to his potential problem this morning; dragon egg scavenging it was. As stealthily as possible, he rolled out bed, barely shifting the blanket he was lying under, and made a run for the door before the hormonal harpy could sink her claws into his flesh and devour him alive.

Marcus was already through the door with one foot when the demon in the bathroom got wind of his attempted escape.

Of course, he wouldn't be that lucky.

“Am I getting fat?” Katie asked, nonchalantly almost.

A very unlucky man indeed.
Tags: hp fanfiction, katie bell/marcus flint, teaser
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