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A few weeks in the life of... Moi!

I think everyone has one of those days. You know, those days where you just know it's going to be an awful day from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.
I'm having one of those days, almost every day it seems since the start of the month.

In bullet points (because I love those):

- It all started with me tripping over the cat on the stairs -I swear he did that on purpose as a punishment for making him wait for his breakfast. Anyway, whilst I barely managed to hold on for dear life, my phone bounced of the stair and cracking the screen. The silver lining was that the insurance company replaced it because that was cheaper than reparing it. (Iphone 8 Plus, expensive as f*ck to repair apparently) I didn't release how attached I was (still am) to my phone until I had to go without it for a few days.

- That same week, G. got surgery on his right wrist. He was diagnosed with a severe case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists a while ago, and since physical en electro therapy proved to be useless, he had to be helped surgically. It sounds worse than it was. He was in and out the hospital in less than 15 minutes. The left wrist was done a few weeks ago, and now the right one two weeks ago. Since right is his dominant hand, and being unable to use it for a few days, I had to help him with a lot of things whilst taking care of the household duties and my own work. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving him around, helping him get ready and setup for work (home office) in the mornings before I could get ready myself. And on top of that, I had an important project to finish at work. Since selflessness and taking care of others doesn't come naturally to me, and being used to being the patient, it was a very taxing week for me.

-G.'s stitches were removed a little over a week ago. And to celebrate, we decided to take the train to Antwerp for the day. It was fun, it really was (pics to follow later). Eating, drinking, shopping, and my absolute fave, watching the people around us and making up ridiculous life stories about them. We were both a bit tipsy by the end of the day, our bellies full with delicious food. In that moment, I couldn't have wished for a more fab Saturday. Until it was time to head back home, and I discovered in line at Starbucks that I didn't have my wallet on me. Pickpotcketed, lost, left it somewhere? I haven't the fogiest. So, yeah, that fabulous day ended with a series annoyed phonecalls to block my debit and credit cards. A police report the following Monday, and spending too much time at city hall to replace my license.

- I scratched the neighbour's car whilst backing out of the driveway. My car was thankfully unharmed, and the other had a barely visible scratch on the bumper. But, shht, we don't speak of that aloud. That git had it coming for parking his car in places he shouldn't, anyway. That, and I don't think he noticed the new scratch between the ones he already has.

- However, the worst of all happened this weekend. I'm not even sure what or how it happened. One moment, I'm pouring myself a cup of tea from the glass teapot my sister on fire! The freaking thing just shattered in my hands. I have first and second degree burns on my lower belly, privates, groyne and tighs. I'm not a cry-baby when it comes to pain, I can handle pain. Having UC and going through nummerous inflamations, it tends to toughen you up a bit, or so I thought. But goddamn. Burns hurt and sting, especially down 'there'.

*deep sigh* Can't wait for August to arrive.

So, that has been my month so far.

How are you doin'?
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