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The (work)week in bullet points

I’m too tired lazy to put a coherent story together. So, bullet points it is:

- Monday was Easter Monday, which is a bank holiday here (most, if not, all of Europe). Went on a morning run. That turned out to be a mistake. At the 7km mark, I had to call G. to come and lick me up. Everything hurt, my feet, my legs, my back. I should’ve known better, in hindsight.

You see, I’d gone on a run the evening before as well, and ran a 12km lap in a new record speed for me. Of course, I should’ve given my body time to recover, but me being me, didn’t and had to pay the price.

- Started my new job on Tuesday, setting up the Procurement department out of scratch. After four days I can say that I have my work cut out for me.

We’re operating in the Health & Beauty industry, so I have a lot of young(er) colleagues. It’s a lot more lively than my previous job where the average age of the employees was 59.

- Thursday afternoon, I had a final appointment with the surgeon. I’m going through with the operation. Surgery will be sometime late November, considering that I just started a new job and the holidays G and I have already planned.

- Thursday evening I completed ‘Katie’s Sorting, pt2’, the last instalment in the ‘when we were young’ series. Won’t be posting that or the other ones any time soon.

- Friday evening, now, I’m sprawled on the sofa, dead tired. A week of new impressions, overload of info, and decision making had taken its toll. I have to admit that I’m still not recovered for the full 100%

In other news:

I’m taking a break from posting new stories at the Archive. I want to focus on writing and not posting, worry about feedback and the lack thereof.

However, I will post a few snippets and pitch story ideas here (in bullet points, my fave way). Those will be friends-locked, though.

I’ll also start locking more personal posts as I want to use this journal for what it was created for: journaling. So, if you’re regularly lurking here, and I know some of you are, feel free to friend me if you want acces to those posts. If not, no hard feelings. I won’t stop posting memes or general posts.

Okay, I’m done. I still have a house to decorate and birthday plans to make.

I’ll leave you with this.

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