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FIC: A Different Kind of First Time (Katie/Marcus), NC-17

Title: A Different Kind of First Time
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Katie Bell/ Marcus Flint
Prompt: Prompt table 8, 014. Crystal Clear
Word Count: 2331
Rating: NC-17
Summary: We all have needs, and Katie's is a good and hard spanking.
Notes: Smut, contains the consensual spanking of an adult.

“Are you sure that this is what you want?” Marcus gently asked as he crouched to Katie's level when she stayed quiet for too long. He cupped her chin, stroking her cheek with his thumb as he surveyed her. A small smile played on his lips as he waited for her final answer. “Yes or no, love, it’s okay either way. But there is no in between.”

Contemplating his words, Katie swallowed hard as she tried to get comfortable in the position he’d left her; bent over a wooden stool, hands flat on the floor, and her arse high in the air as she stood on her tiptoes. Her dark hair spilt over her shoulders down her cheeks, leaving her back bare. The cold air tickled her skin, lifting goose pimples from the back of her neck to her toes. What had she got herself into again?


The smidgen of doubt disappeared when she lifted her eyes from the wooden floor to meet his. To her relief, there was no hint of Captain Flint there just yet. All she saw was her Marcus, her boyfriend of almost a year. She trusted him with all her being, how silly of her to doubt that. To doubt him. He wouldn’t hurt her, not beyond what they’d agreed to last month.

“Yes,” she answered quietly, digging her nails into the floorboards to quench the excitement that made her tremble with need. She bit down hard on her lip to rein in her nervous giggles. The last thing she needed was for Marcus to call the whole thing off because she couldn’t stop being a little girl about it. “I want this.”

“Good girl. Wait here, yeah?” Marcus kissed her forehead as he stood up and disappeared from her side. His finger lightly traced the curve of her arse as he walked past her.

The nerves made Katie forget the rules Marcus had insisted on. She was about to ask what he had planned for her when the blindfold took her by surprise. The loss of sight made her feel helpless, even more so than being bent over a stool completely starkers did. Blood drummed in her ears in nervous anticipation as she tried to slow down her racing heart with deep breaths.

She could hear Marcus walk around her, hear and feel the light thud of his knees on the floor as he positioned himself behind her. She could feel him watching her. His gaze burnt her skin. Heavens, she could practically hear his internal debate whether or not to go through with this. It took all her strength not to stand up and rip the blindfold off so she could tell him that she really, really wanted this. But that wouldn’t do. So, she held the pose as the good girl she was and waited for him to take control. Sweet Circe, how she needed him to take control.

Her breath hitched in her throat when his cool hand suddenly touched her overheated skin, adjusting her legs until they were spread wide enough for his liking. Cool air caressed her damp lips, his calloused hand tickled up and down her inner thigh, teasing her, making her clit pulse as she pondered how he’d touch her next, use her…

“Let’s see how well my girl can stay still,” Marcus quietly spoke from behind her.

Katie wanted to turn around, say something to convince him that she wouldn’t disappoint but caught herself in time. It would have only proven what he’d been saying for weeks; that she wasn’t ready for this. But she was. More than she could explain.

She reckoned must have done something right because the next thing she felt was a light brush between her shoulder blades. It was difficult to make out what he was touching her with, and in the end, it didn’t matter. Whatever it was, it made her shiver as Marcus slowly traced it down her spine. Keeping still proved to be more difficult than she’d expected when it moved down the crack of arse, making her shudder. She lost the fight when it stroked her labia, and she wiggled her hips to feel more.

That was a mistake. Katie froze when Marcus suddenly stopped what he was doing and let out a deep sigh.

“Oh, that’s a shame.”

At hearing the disappointment that tinged his voice, Katie wanted to bellow out an apology, beg him to give her another chance. That was the wrong thing to do.

“Arse back in the air. Now!”

Just a hint of fear bled into her excitement as Marcus cupped her mons to push her back up into position. She obeyed, struggling to bring her ragged breathing back under control as he kneaded, squeezed, and patted her.

She had to stay still and let him take control; that was their agreement. Her mind tried focusing on her position instead of the way his hands felt on her body. He used his thumbs to part the lips of her cunt, and just as she thought about all the things she wanted him to do to her, his hands disappeared. She bit her lip to stifle a desperate moan.

Her senses were finely tuned; she could hear the rustle of his clothes as he leant over her, the brush of cotton on her sensitive skin making her shiver. Katie held her breath as she waited for him to speak, to touch her, to do something, anything to relieve the tension building up inside her.

“I think you need a reminder of what it means to stay in place,” Marcus whispered in her ear.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed in Katie’s ears seconds before she felt it. A stinging pain spread across her arse and slowly transformed into a heavy pulse between her thighs. Then another slap followed, just below her left arse cheek. The fire in her lower belly grew hotter, overtaking her senses until there was nothing left but a delicious throbbing that begged to be dealt with. Her arms and legs swayed, and her bum dropped a little. Marcus caught her before she could correct herself.

He placed his hand on her back in warning as his toes nudged the underside of her foot. She lifted her bum higher, ignoring the way her calves tensed. And when his hand suddenly came down hard on her arse cheek again, she forgot all about the cramping in her legs.

Marcus smoothed a hand over the spot he’d hit. “How many times will it take for you to get it right you think?”

Katie didn’t answer because she knew he wasn’t expecting one.

More slaps showered down on her arse with barely any pause between. His large palm covered every inch of skin, leaving little of her arse untouched. Each time his hand came down, electricity shot up her spine, back down to the fire in her lower belly, fanning the embers until it became an inferno raging through her whole body.

Katie tried but failed to smother her gasps and moans, the sounds filling the room. Her pussy throbbed, her breasts felt incredibly heavy, and her heart beat erratically inside her chest. Ecstasy rose up a little more with each steady fall of his hand. She didn’t keep track of the slaps. Her thoughts were too scattered as tension grew tighter in her belly. The only thing keeping her in position, stopping her from coming right then and there was the need to please Marcus, and prove that she could keep up and play with him and the way he liked to play.

Then the spanking stopped.

The withdrawal was sudden, and a dry sob bubbled up in her Katie’s throat. Even though her arse burnt as if it was on fire, she still cried out for more. She needed Marcus to ease the ache, feel him on and around her, needed him to tell her that she’d done well. When he gently laid his hand on her bum, she released a needy whimper, his touch sending a faltering mix of pleasure and pain along her nerves.

“Is my girl nice and wet for me?” Marcus traced his thumb along her slit, humming in appreciation at what he found. “I think you deserved a reward for such good behaviour.”

Too choked up, Katie nodded eagerly in agreement, her eyes glassy with tears of relief. Marcus’ hand moved lower and dipped inside her, without giving her any to get accustomed to the intrusion. Slight discomfort quickly made way for pleasure as his fingers relentlessly moved in and out her, making her arch her back and spread her legs wider as she began moaning his name, the rules long forgotten.

“Good girl,” Marcus muttered approvingly, “Always ready for me.”

Suddenly, he took his fingers away, too, and through drumming in her ears, Katie heard the dull thud of a belt buckle hitting the floor. Were just a few seconds ago his fingers, the head of his cock pushed against her nether lips. Marcus didn’t plunge forward nor ravished her and used her like she wanted him to. No, for what seemed a lifetime, he let the tip of his cock linger at the mouth of her cunt, teasing, spreading her wetness as his fingers dug in the soft flesh of her hips. He was plain cruel now, and she couldn’t take any more of it.

“Please, please, please,” Katie begged as her nails dug into her palm.

“Tsk, tsk,” he tutted, and in that instant, Katie knew she’d done mucked up before he made her feel it.

Marcus’ hand came down hard on her flank, and she cried out as pain morphed into deep pleasure. She was so, so close, just a few more. He leant over her, his clothes stinging her abused flesh, his musky scent intoxicating her. With him so near, the need to have him inside her, to come around him, grew stronger and stronger, nearly driving her insane.

“Let’s try again. Please, what?” Marcus murmured against her shoulder.

His hot breath made her shiver, and for a moment, Katie lost the ability to compose a coherent answer. She drew in a few shaky breaths. When she was sure that she could do more than warble, she murmured, “Please, Captain Flint.”

The words had just left her lips when he slammed his rock-hard cock inside her, burying himself up to the hilt. Katie pushed back without thinking, wanting to feel more of him. He felt good, so good. Splitting her, filling her, taking care of her like only he could.

“Perfect.” He released a long groan as he ground his hips into her. The scrape of his coarse pubic hair on her abused skin added to her pleasure, almost pushing her over the edge.

A hard tug of her hair brought her head back, her eyes still blind and her mind filled with nothing except Marcus, Captain Flint and how he was fucking her properly. The sound of his body slapping against hers reminded her of the fall of his hand. Hard and rough, and hidden deep underneath, gentle in its own warped way.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Katie began to chant hoarsely as the pressure built up to unmanageable heights in her lower belly.

With each thrust of his hips, Katie jolted forward only to be tugged back by her hip. His cock slid in deeper with each haul back into position, hitting her cervix. Her whispered chant became a frantic plea as Marcus picked up speed, ready to spill inside her. They were close, so, so close, which was for the best because she didn’t think she could take any more of it. Her mind would probably disconnect the moment she came as it was. She was sure she'd pass out if he kept on going any longer.

Without breaking their connection, Marcus pulled her up over the chair and into his lap. His hand found its way between her thighs, for the briefest second sliding his finger over his cock moving in and out her dripping pussy and made its way a little higher.

“Come for me, love,” he whispered thickly in her ear as he put pressure on her clit to push her over the edge. “I want to feel you come around me. Right. Now.”

He punctuated each word with a thrust and a slap against her flank until at last, she broke. The steady fall of his hand, the pain so delicious, striking through her climax heightened her pleasure. She called out his name, not being able to stop as she felt his cock swell.

And then, with a final violent thrust and a long, low groan as he tightly wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in the crook of her neck, he came. Her final reward for being a good girl.

“Thank you, Captain,” Katie finally broke the silence when she felt his seed leaking out her. She was trembling with physical and mental exhaustion as she came down from the high. All she wanted now was for Marcus to carry her to bed and hold her until her mind quieted down and her body stopped shaking. But she knew better than to utter those words.

“Thank you for spanking me and coming inside me,” she said instead.

He chuckled in her ear and removed the blindfold. She went limp against him, shielding her eyes from the bright light. They were done playing for today. Captain Flint's needs were satisfied for now, and he had gone to sleep until the next time.

Katie turned in Marcus' lap, ignoring the sticky wetness on their bodies, and rested her cheek over his heart. And in nothing more than a faint whisper, she said again, “Thank you.”

“You're welcome, love.” Marcus kissed the top of her head, deeply inhaling her scent. “Let’s get you cleaned and then to bed, yeah?”
Tags: fanfic50, hp fanfiction, katie bell, katie bell/marcus flint, marcus flint, one-shot, rating: nc-17
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