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FIC: Of Hairy Monsters and Pint-Sized Heroines (Katie, Marcus), GEN

Of Hairy Monsters and Pint-Sized Heroines
Characters: Katie Bell, Marcus Flint
Series: Part 5 of When we were young
Summary: Katie knows exactly how to solve Marcus’ hairy problem.
Notes Written for fanfic50,Prompt table 8, prompt 30. Guardian

Fingers crossed I won’t regret posting things.

"Stop! Don't come in!" eight-year-old Marcus bellowed from the door opening. He pushed five-year-old Katie back, ignoring her angry yelp when she tumbled to the floor onto her bum.

He ignored her as he fixed his attention fixed on the hairy monster lurking in the shadowy corner. It was Marcus' worst nightmare come true, something that made his heartbeat rise and blood drum in his ears as his stomach churned painfully. The longer he stared at it, the more his knees wobbled as fear slowly spread through his body.

Eyes gleaming with pure evil followed his and Katie’s every move, huge fangs dripping with skin-melting venom ready to sink into their flesh. All it needed was one mistake, one ill-timed movement for it strike and devour them alive.

Had Marcus been alone, he would have run as fast as his skinny legs had been able to carry him to hide in his mother's arms like he always did. But he wasn't, he couldn't. Little Katie was his responsibility until Mr Bell came home from work, something Marcus heavily regretted promising at the moment. She'd never be able to keep up with him, and he didn't think he could run fast enough while carrying her.

"I want to play with Wabbit. Mum made dresses for him," Katie said crossly as she scrambled to her feet. When Marcus didn't pay her any heed, she pulled his sleeve. When that didn't have the desired effect, she narrowed her eyes and stomped on his bare toes.

That worked, and she was no longer ignored.

"Oww." Hopping on one leg and rubbing his bruised toes, Marcus took his eyes off the monster long enough for Katie to demand to play with his old cuddly toy again.

"You can't. There's a monster in there," he bit out and startled himself with that statement. He hastily glanced at the shadowy corner, hoping that the monster hadn't drawn near in the distraction.

It hadn't. It was still there, waiting for them with its claws raised, ready to charge.

Katie pushed Marcus aside and peered into the room, hands firmly planted in her sides and nose high in the air. "I don't see a monster," she said after a few moments.

"There," Marcus said, his voice trembling as hard as the arm he raised to point at the far corner of the room, just next to his bed.

It took a few moments for her to overcome the terror that had her paralysed- at least, that's what Marcus told himself, and a soft 'oh' followed.

He had expected Katie to scream in fright and run away. He would've followed her if she had, of course; his mum's arms were big enough to protect them both. But, she didn't. Instead, Katie pulled him into the landing by the back of his jumper and stepped around him into the room.

"I'll deal with it," she said in a low, menacing voice. Her lip curled up in derision and brow furrowed as she peered into the room, hands firmly planted in her sides.

She was almost a miniature version of her father, Marcus thought as he watched her with his mouth open in amazement. Katie picked up and old Quidditch International Magazine from the small desk by the window and rolled it up.

Warnings to tell her not to do it got lost on their way to Marcus' mouth when she marched to the corner where the monster awaited her, the rolled up magazine held out like some weapon. Silly, silly girl; the monster was sure to jump on her from this close.

"Be careful," Marcus breathed when Katie raised her arm. Then…


It took two blows to reduce the spider to nothing more than a bloody smudge and a few severed but still convulsing legs on the wall.

Gone, the abominabel monster was finally gone.

Katie studied the remains stuck to the magazine, but it wasn't what she'd set her heart on. Her interest waning fast, she tossed magazine on the bed -Marcus shuddered at the thought of bits of spider spread all over his duvet.

"Where's Wabbit? You promised I could dress him," Katie demanded to know as she wagged her finger at him.

Still impressed, Marcus nodded in the direction of his mother's old school trunk at the foot of the bed. Honestly speaking, he didn't want her to dress his favourite toy in frilly pink dresses, but after what he'd seen her do, Marcus reckoned that she'd probably turn on him if he refused now.

And as Katie toppled into the old trunk, searching for the worn-out toy, Marcus decided that staying on her good side was probably for the best. He had found his personal spider exterminator, after all.
Tags: fanfic50, katie bell, katie bell/marcus flint, marcus flint, one-shot, rating: gen, when we were young
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