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Saturday night run

I prefer to run early in the morning or late at night. Yesterday, I went late, approx. 9 in the evening because I was getting restless and needed to blow off some steam. Since G. had gone in the morning, he didn't come with me and made me promise to let him where I was between intervals so he'd know where to look for me in case of unmentionable things happening.

So, being the good girlfriend I am, I sent him pics and let him guess where I was. Not entirely what he'd meant, but hey. Turned out that he couldn't appreciate the route I had picked out. Go figure.

What do you say?

Anyway, let's not mention I nearly shat my running shorts when taking the last pic. Some drunk-ass guy suddenly popped out of nowhere behind me and asked if I needed help. I think I broke my own record, so fast I ran away. Damn earphones, I just didn't hear him approach.

In other news, I'm still feeling restless and G.'s refusing to entertain me. Apparently, Temptation Island is more important at the moment. Oh well, maybe, I'll go for a midnight run. :)
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