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On writing in 2018

As you may or may not know (I'm guessing not), I signed up for the Get Your Words Out 2018 challenge late last year. The whole idea behind the challenge is that you write an x-number of words or an x-number of days in 2018. My pledge is to reach 150K words written (not published) by 31 December 2018, including story-outlines. The only reason I decided to join was to have some kind of goal to work towards and finish the wip-stories I've been working so long on, we're talking about years.

My goal is to write at least 411 words a day, every day until the end of the year. Seems easy enough, yeah? Well, wrong. Life has the nasty habit of getting in the way and inspiration tends to strike at the most inconvenient times and when it does, it doesn't trigger my muse to work on pending stories but start new things instead. So, long story short, I am a bit behind. Just the teeniest bit.

In the sidebar, you can find a link to the Excel-sheet where you can follow my progress. There is also a link to my LJ to-do list but I can't guarantee that'll be updated regularly. I'm pinning this post for the unforeseeable future for my convenience.

Anyhow, so far I've written the following:

Chapter 7 for Failure to Launch
I so want to finish this so badly because I already have two new parts outlined in the series. We'll revisit Millicent and Theo, and see how Terence and Sophia are faring.

When we were young series:
This one came to me after hearing 'Bang Bang' by Nancy Sinatra on the radio. An image popped up that refused to leave me alone. Quid Pro Quo was meant to be an exercise in brevity. An innocent story about the silly things kids tend to say and do. Then it spawned A Helping Hand, Keeping Katie Warm, and Sharing Is Caring. It's all GEN, all the time. No hidden meanings, no foreshadowing to later in life circumstances, none of it all.

Written but not yet published in the series:
· Saving Dragons
· Sharing Penance
· Let It Go

The following ideas are outlined and I want to end the series with Katie's sorting no matter what:
· Marcus leaves for Hogwarts
· Valentine's Day
· Katie's Sorting

Also written and published:
Shame and Scandal
Terence Higgs- Alicia Spinnet story. Inspired by the song of the same name by Shawn Elliott.

Untitled for now, not yet published:
A Terence Higgs- Alicia Spinnet story. The subject: escaping an abusive relationship. It's officially an entry for rarepair_shorts but it's a few hundred words too long. Although the comm will probably accept it, I'm not sure if I want to post it there. I'll probably drop my claim one of these days. So I'm not sure what to do with the story for now.

Current WIPS (or the reason why I've greyed before my time) I NEED to finish these this year (not in this particular order):

· Summer Solstice (Katie/Marcus)

· Children of War (Various)

· Failure To Launch (Adrian/Angelina)

· Addictions And Obsessions (Terence/Alicia)

· The Rugged Warlock (Katie/Marcus)

· Untitled placeholder fic (Katie/Marcus)

· Teasing the Tease (Katie/Marcus)

· Untitled Marriage Law fic (Katie/Marcus)

· Through Their Eyes (Katie/Marcus)

· Fly Me To The Moon (Terence/Alicia)

· The woods are lovely and dark (Katie/Marcus)

· The Hormone Monster (Katie/Marcus)

If I have to be realistic for a minute, the chance that a few of these will end in the Plotbunny Graveyard is quite high. In that case, you'll find them published here under that tag.

Then there's the attack of the plotbunnies and the ideas they forced me to outline instead of working on my stories:

Untitled Katie/Marcus: A continuation to 'Why do we do this?'.
Katie stumbles upon a boggart. It takes the form of her ex, lying dead on the floor. It spurs her to make a difficult decision: face Marcus again, before -Merlin forbid- her worst nightmare becomes reality. (you know what the worst part is, I'd written this sequel before but somehow, me being the idiot I can be at times, deleted it, I think. I can't find it any longer.)

1Sentence: 3 more prompt sets to be written. I've already decided on two of the couples:
- Terence/Alicia
- Millicent/ Theo

A Flint Christmas Carol(Katie/Marcus)
Help comes from an expected source when Mother Flint needs it to figure out what's wrong with her son, Marcus.

Dirty Secret (Millicent/Theo)
Millicent daydreams about the day Theo won't be ashamed to be seen with her

Continuation of A Little White Lie (Katie/Marcus)
Of course, Katie questioning his size isn't a coincidence. Not with him back in town.

A Lifetime Of First (Katie/Marcus)
A few future-takes. You didn't think I could just leave two crazy kids alone, did you?

Untitled time travel fic (Katie/Marcus?, undecided)
Hogwarts-era AU, skewed ages to fit my needs. Katie and Marcus (or whoever) are dating in secret until someone spreads naughty pictures of the two. They break up, chaos ensues, and during detention, they somehow make things worse and end up in 25yrs in the future.

Unconventional, Almost Unlikely- series
- How are Theo and Millicent doing?
- Terence and Sophia and guests: the crazy just got mental
- Katie and Marcus: here comes baby Jules.

Nobody's Perfect (working title, Katie/Marcus)
Katie's caught sneaking out of Oliver Wood's place. Marcus demands an explanation.

Kingdom By The Sea, after the war fic (Katie/Marcus)
A long, long time ago, when RosevalleyNB was an awkward hormonal teen girl that embarrassed herself so often in public it seemed like a full-time job, Take That was the ultimate boyband all girls swooned over. Yeah, me included, fight me.
In 1993, these fabulous boys released a song called Babe. What got me about the song was the music video and the story the song told. Yes, no, I've never outgrown my flair for the dramatic. Long story short, I'm gonna write a story about Babe.

There Are Worst Things I Could Do (Pansy/Adrian (or Blaise), or Angelina/Montague)
Yeah, based on the Grease-song of the same title.

Then there are fics I pulled from AO3 last year but still have hope that I'll finish them one day:
- One Way or Another
- Waiting for the calm after the storm
- Chain Reaction

I hope I can put at least one of them back on life-support, especially 'On Way...' as it was the very first story (or a start anyway) I'd ever written for Katie/Marcus. I know what I want to do with it and how it should end (like the other two), but I can't make myself to sit down and write it out. I guess, maybe deep down, I feel I'll come full circle. Once that one is finished, I'll be done writing fanfic.

Until then, however, I've a lot to do!
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