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The {belated} Friday Five for 2 March 2018

Would you rather [hobbies version]...

shop // sunbathe
I’d rather shop these days. I just don’t have the patience for sunbathing any longer. That, and I’d rather not turn into Magda from ‘There’s Something About Mary’.

dance // sing
Love to do both and suck gloriously whilst doing so. I have No sense for rhythm whatsoever and my singing upsets my cat as well as my SO. But that won’t stop me from expressing myself. 🤣

watch college football // watch NFL
Since I’m not American, I have to say neither. But as far as watching a game goes, the only time I’ll sit down for one is when the Dutch nation football (soccer) team plays in the European or World Championships. Suffice it to say, I haven’t watched a match in a long, long while.

write // read
It differs from day to day, to be honest. Currently I’m in the flow of reading and writing is the very last thing I want to do. But inspiration can hit when you least expext it, so I might give a different answer tomorrow.

chat online with friends // hang out with friends
Both. I prefer hanging out or speak on the phone, always. But that’s not always feasible for whatever reason. In those cases, online contact is the perfect solution.

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