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Pfff, I feel miserable. Stuffed nose, coughing, sneezing, sore throat. You know, the complete works. A ‘nice’ reminder of carnaval. With us leaving for Newcastle in the morning, it’s the worst possible timing to catch a cold. Bah...

If you have any dyi remedies that can help ease the symptoms, let me know!

Anyways, enough complaining.

So, last week was carnaval and I managed to get in a few hours every day. The reason I went home earlier wasn’t that I got tired or anything (progress!!), but because I was the only sober one due to the medication at the end of the day. I mean, I love my BF and our friends, but man oh man, some jokes are only funny when you’re a bit tipsy at the least. 🤣

Here a few pics, including one of me. My costume was storebought this year because, well, didn’t have the energy or time to make one myself this year.

So you know, it’s cold here in February. That means you need several layers to keep warm, especially if you’re drinking.

Our town colours are red and white. And the dressed up bird (the statue) is actually a pheasant. It’s called Tullepetaon. We, the same as the residents of my town are called after him it during carnaval.


A few shots of the parade:


Even Pennywise was present. Did I ever mention that I hate clowns? 😱😖

To conclude:

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