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FIC: K/M, A Helping Hand, GEN

Title: A Helping Hand
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Katie Bell, Marcus Flint
Prompt: Prompt table 8, 001. Angel 
Word Count: 787 words
Rating: G
Summary: Katie takes a tumble and needs Marcus to make her feel better.
Notes: To be clear, this is a Kid!Fic, pre books.

Nine-year-old Marcus knew better than to fall for his six-year-old neighbour Katie Bell’s tricks to get his attention. Because each time he paid her any consideration, he got stuck with babysitting her for the rest of the day instead of flying his broom with his friends.

Their mothers thought it was too precious, whatever that meant, and laughed at him whenever he dared to complain about the little girl following him around like an attention-starved puppy. It left him with one possible solution for his problem: ignore her as much as he could.

It wasn't easy, and there were times he slipped up, but for most parts, it worked well enough. Until a sunny afternoon in February. Because listening to Katie's gut-wrenching sobs was just too much, even for him. So, he did the only thing that he could think of to get her to shut up.

“What are you crying for?” he asked as he climbed over the fence.

Katie, who was sitting on the stone steps leading up to the kitchen door, looked up. An old toy broom that had been Marcus' grandmother once lay at her feet, the bristles mostly gone and the handle worn-out and dented. Big fat tears rolled down her cheeks, and her bottom lip stuck out in a pout as far as humanly possible. She held up her hands, the heels of her palms scratched and bright red.

“I fell off my broom,” she hiccupped when Marcus took her hands in his for a closer look. “Hurts a lot.”

Marcus frowned as he studied her palms, brushing off the dirt with his thumbs as he pretended to think of a solution for her problem. The truth was, he had no idea how to go about it. His mum always told him to walk it off whenever he fell, but he didn't think it would work with Katie with her being so little. Thankfully, or not, she offered a solution.

“Mummy always kisses the pain away,” she said as she lifted her hands higher.

“Go to your mum, then.” Marcus quickly took a step back, disgusted by the idea of kissing a girl. That turned out to be the wrong thing to do. Katie’s lip stuck out even further, and a fresh batch of tears welled up in her big brown eyes.

“Mum’s at work.” The tone in which she said it made it sound as if Marcus had suggested she’d drown a litter of kittens.

“Your dad then.”

Katie shook her head. “He’s asleep because he worked all night. I’m only allowed to wake him if the house is on fire.”

“Oh.” Although it seemed kind of rad, Marcus was pretty sure that starting a fire would get him grounded. Having run out of ideas, he flopped down next to her. “So, now what?”

She held her hands out again. “You kiss the pain away.”

His first instinct was to push her off the steps and scold her for saying strange things. The second was to jump up and run away as fast as he cold before she forced him to do something he didn’t want to. Eventually, he went with the option that wouldn’t end with him getting his ears pulled by his mum.

“Fine, but don’t tell anyone, yeah?” He took her hands in his again. After a thorough check that no-one was around to see, her hastily brushed his lips against her palms in what was supposed to pass for a kiss. “Better?”

Hiccupping, Katie nodded and wiped her cheeks with the sleeve of her coat. Satisfied with the result of his good deed, Marcus tried to get up and return to flying his broom, but she trapped him. She snuggled closer, her thumb in her mouth, and rested her head on his shoulder as she snaked her free arm around his.

He’d allow it until the count of ten dragons, Marcus told himself.

“Teach me how to fly like you,” she lisped pitiably before he reached eight dragons, thumb still in her mouth. When he didn't jump up at the opportunity, she pulled at his arm and batted her lashes when he glanced at her. “Pretty please?”

Again, Marcus’ first instinct was to kick her as he told her off for even suggesting such a thing. He didn’t, of course. His mum would tan his bum for it. So, like with everything else that concerned his little neighbour, he sighed deeply and slumped his shoulders in resignation. It never occurred to him to walk away and not come back. No, the only thing that went through his mind as he detangled himself from her grip was that she'd done it again.

“Fine, I’ll get my broom.”
Tags: fanfic50, katie bell, katie bell/marcus flint, marcus flint, one-shot, when we were young
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