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The Friday Five

So, I stumbled this comm: thefridayfive. A set of five questions is asked every Friday.  All I have to do is answer them in my own journal, and then post a comment to that week's Friday Five with a link to my journal entry (copy, paste, edit from the comm description). It seems like fun way to tell little things about myself.

So, without further ado, this weeks questions and answers:

1. Where did you go the last time you took an airplane ride?
My last time flying was to Fuerteventura last September. In about 4,5 hours, we went from a sunny and warm Amsterdam to an even sunnier and warmer island in the Atlantic ocean.

2. Are you a nervous flyer or a comfortable flyer?
I used to fly quite a bit for my old job (miss that part the most), so I'm quite a comfortable flyer now. I wasn't always, though. The lack of space, smelly and/or noisy people all around (strange enough, I don't mind babies since they can't help being there), or people invading your space made flying  a torture for me. Yes, having the means to buy better seats helped a lot with those problems.

3. Window seat or aisle seat?
If I'm flying alone, aisle seat. No need to put myself in a situation where I feel trapped by strangers. Flying with my SO, I sit by the window on the outbound flight and he on the return flight.

4. What is the worst experience you've had flying?
Techincally not flying, but we had a delay of more than 8 hours in Egypt once. No communication from the airline, no apologies or explanation, no accomodations for the stranded travelers. In addition to that, Hurghada Airport is not a place you want to spend more time than necessary. It was the finishing touch to an horrible holiday and I have to admit, it has coloured my opinion of the country in general. Not returning to Egypt any time soon, that's for sure.

5. What is the best experience you've had flying?
being one (or rather, two) of the thirty people in a Boeing 747 on the return flight from Antalya,Turkey. It was one the most peaceful and relaxed flights I've been on. So much room, so much quiet, just heaven.
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