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I am a bit surprised at the speedy recovery I’m having. The last time I got sick like this, I was out of the running for three months. Ziek, zwak, en misselijk is was we Dutch call is, roughly meaning sick(or miserable), weak, and nauseous. Everything was a struggle at the time, eating, drinking, getting enough exercise to keep my muscles from atrophying, and all that exacerbated by the medication they’d put me on. Now though, I feel better and better with each passing day, itching to get things done. Even experimenting with new the medication isn’t all too bad. I still get side-effects, but it’s not all too bad. Having physical fitness of a 90-year-old granny is the only thing that’s keeping me back at this point, but I’m working on that.

I had the last blood transfusion on Thursday and started Humira (injecting myself is still something I need to get the hang of) after I rejected MTX treatment (a chemo-like substance) because it’s a too severe treatment with mixed results at best. Admittedly, the chances that Humira will take effect is minimal, too. The Colitis is active in the whole colon and rectum (sorry, TMI), which makes treatment of inflammations and controlling the illness a lot more difficult. The Dr planned a consult for me with a surgeon to discuss possible removal of the colon, meaning that if medication (inevitably) fails, also comsidering my family history with cancer, and the long-term effects of some of the medicine, fitting me a stoma is the next logical step. Unfortunately.

Sooo... let's leave it at that for now.

Saturday we strolled into town for a cappuccino and to satisfy my need for new nail varnish. I settled for a bright pink colour with glitters. I haven’t used it yet but then again, I rarely do. I just like collecting them. ;)
Later that day, we had a birthday party. G.’s best friend’s son turned 2 years old. I couldn’t cuddle with my favourite little boy because he was a bit sickly and my immune system isn’t up to par yet but it didn’t spoil the fun. I think there were about twenty or so kids, if not more, ages between a few months old to 13 (our friend group is a fertile bunch) running around, playing, eating and drinking. The parents were the same, eating and drinking I mean. It was nice to see them again in their natural habitat (the pub) and not talk about me being sick. In fact, the main subject was Carnaval that starts coming Saturday and finalising the plans to meet up for the parade and the usual pub crawls in the days after. Judging by how I feel at the moment, there is a slight possibility I might tag alone for a few hours each day. Keep your fingers crossed.

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to Domburg, a village by the sea. Nothing much to say about it. We did a bit of pointless shopping, talked about selling the house and buying something outside the city over a cup of tea, and then climbed over the dune for a walk on the beach. Watching the sea, feeling the ice-cold wind in your face, through your hair was as refreshing as it was last week. Getting sandblasted by that refreshing wind was not, though. :)

I'm not sure what's wrong with the vid...

Oh, and we booked a 3-day mini-cruise to Newcastle (Upon Tyne) for the last weekend in February. Well, I booked it and told G. he needs to take the Friday off and come with me. I need a goal to work towards in my recovery process and the idea of going back to work isn’t as motivating as one would expect. Hahaha…haha… ha… :(

Anyways, Newcastle it is. I’ve never been to that part of England (London is my whole experience with England or Britain in general, tbh), so I’m quite excited. I’ve been pestering G. for a while to go on a road trip through Britain but he’s dodged it thus far because he prefers the Mediterranean (and the fact the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road worries him). I’m hoping that he’ll like this outing enough that I’ll get my way for later this year/ next year. I mean, he his a big fan of Geordie Shore, after all. Wish me luck in my evil attempt to manipulate him!
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