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FIC: Quid Pro Quo, one-shot, K/M, GEN

Title: Quid Pro Quo

Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Katie Bell, Marcus Flint
Prompt: Prompt table 8, 002. Reason
Word Count: 200
Rating: GEN
Summary: Katie tells Marcus that they're getting married.
Disclaimer: Not mine, please don't sue.

“…and when we’re older, I’m gonna marry you!” five-year-old Katie Bell declared one summer afternoon over cake and pumpkin juice.

Her eight-year-old neighbour Marcus Flint furrowed his brow. His hand stilled mid-air, a piece of cake covered in whipped cream balancing dangerously on the tip of the fork he was holding.

“Who says I want to marry you?” he said indignantly.

“What?” Katie looked up from her plate, her chin and the corners of her mouth smudged with chocolate that she tried to reach with her tongue. She even had a spot of whipped cream on the tip of her nose. The crease on her forehead matched that of the boy sitting opposite her. “Why not?”

He stared at her for the longest time, thinking hard. Failing to come up with a solid reason not to marry her, he eventually gave up trying. Resigned to his fate, he turned his attention to the chocolate cake Mrs Bell had made him for his birthday because, like always, his mum had burnt the one she’d made.

“Fine, but I’ll only marry you if your Mum keeps making my birthday cakes.”

It seemed like a fair payment for putting up with Katie for forever.
Tags: drabble, fanfic50, katie bell, katie bell/marcus flint, marcus flint, mixandmatch100, when we were young
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