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Hospital blues

Still in hospital, still feeling like crap, still sleeping for hours on end because the alternative is active boredom. Attempted to read the past few days but I’m just too tired to concentrate. I barely make it to the end of the page before words start to dance before my eyes. Hell, I can’t even hold a decent conversation for more than a few minutes before I start to slur my words.

Started a second round of IV- antibiotics last Sunday. Blood test showed that the inflammation (infection) has flared up again. Not a big surprise since the 40°C fever over the weekend was already a good indicator that something wasn’t quite alright. Oh that, and the IV-needle needed to be replaced because the spot on my hand where it was before was starting to get infected. Four attempts before they found a viable vein. FOUR! If I had the energy to do so, I would have cried.

You know what the worst part of this misery is? Carnaval is just two and a half weeks away and considering my current situation, it doesn’t look like I’m going to be part of the celebrations. That hurts more than the cramping of my mutinous intestines or getting poked by blunt IV-needles. I had such great ideas for this year’s costume, too.

God, I haven’t felt this sorry for myself since I had to redo my final year of highschool.

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