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There is a strong possibility that I’m a vampire. Had the first of several planned blood-transfusions yesterday as a replenishment of what I lost recently, and I have to say, I feel quite energised. And although very faint, I even have some colour on my cheeks. Who knows, maybe I’ll sparkle like a certain vampire species by the end of my treatment! :)

The antibiotics also seem to help. I don't have to sprint to the toilet every ten minutes and the cramping has subsided considerably. Best of all is that the thrush in my mouth (one of the many side-annoyances the CU has caused) has almost disappeared so drinking water and eating food isn’t as torturous as it was just a few days ago. I actually look forward to eating solids for lunch today. Hopefully, it won’t taste like bile anymore.

The bad news is that I’ll have to stay over the weekend for additional IV-treatment with Prednisone (corticosteroids) before the specialist will even consider sending me home. God, I really, really want to go home already. So, keep your fingers crossed that the drugs in combination with the steroids will have enough effect for the Dr to send me on my merry way!

To make the wait easier until the specialist’s next visit on Monday and pass time when I don’t have visitors, G. got me two books on my Kobo. The first being “Call The Midwife” collection because I just love the television series. The second is “Darker” by E.L. James. Yeah, yeah, I know, but I’m not exactly in the mood for pretentious literature and if you accept it for what it is (fanfic), her books aren’t as awful as certain people make them out to be.

I expect to be done with these two books by Sunday, so if you have any recommendations (fanfic and regular (e-)books), let me know.
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