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This sucks...

I had all these plans for the New Year, a long list of resolutions I was (still am) intending to keep.

Unfortunately, whilst the year started well enough, it quickly went downhill. You see, I’ve been sick lately. It’s been going on for far too long and whaddaya know, ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

I’ve Ulcerative Colitis. I was diagnosed over a decade ago and the first few years, I have spent time in and out the hospital more than I care to recall. Thankfully, the right medicine and dosage was found and with a few changes to my lifestyle, life went on like before.

Until our summer holiday last September. Although I’d like to blame the hotel, they were the mere trigger for what had been brewing for a while. Of course, being the stubborn arse I am, I chose to ignore the problem til my next visit to my internist (no idea what the proper English term is for that nor do I want to look it up at the moment) at hospital last week.

As expected, he was upset with me for not calling sooner (and G. had to go and agree with him of course, emphasising that he badgered me for weeks to call). There’s no denying it: I’m in the middle of another inflammation. My colon and a part of my small intestine is infected because my white bloodcells have nothing better to do than to attack healthy parts of my body.

So, my Doc did the only thing I was hoping he wouldn’t; he admitted me to hospital, and that’s where I am still.

I truly and deeply hate IV-needles. They’re too blunt, too uncomfortable, and the scars they leave are a reminder of times I’d rather forget. And with my veins being so difficult, nurses often need three to four tries to get one in. Seriously, I’ve so many ‘dots’ on the top of my and and wrists that I look like a pin cushion. (I used to get get Remicade, IV medication the first few years).

Sigh... A few more days before I can go home.
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