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Happy New Year!

As a starter: I’ve AO3 invitations to give away. If you’re interested, shoot me an email:

Now that is out of the way:

NYE celebration went smoothly this year. For the first time since ever, I think, we spent the night with just the two of us and the cat at home. Since Sam isn’t doing all that good health-wise we didn’t want to leave him alone on such a tumultuous night. It’s probably his last... pfff, better not think of that right now.

During the day we went to the pub with my inlaws and got my mother-in-law a bit drunk on rosé wine because she’s fun when she’s drunk. We went a liitle overboard, thougg, and had to stop when she drunkenly forgot to chew the appetizer she was eating. That sobered her up quickly (and gave her an excuse not to go to a get-together later that evening🤫).

I wasn’t all to sober either but thankfully we had a 15 minute walk home ahead in stormy weather. That sure cleared my head.

The rest of the night, we spent eating, drinking, and playing games with the tv on in the background. We also had our hands full with Sam. The old bugger got spooked by the fireworks the kids in our street had set off since the early morning. (You’re allowed to do that here in NL).

Of course, there was also kissing at midnight, watching the fireworks outside, and idle chitchat with our elderly neighbours we couldn’t escape easily. By the time the clock chimed 1 in the morning, I was already preparing for bed.

All and all, a boring lowkey night. And I loved it; it was just what I needed since am so sick and tired lately. I’m still in bed as I type this.

I’ve thought about a few NY’s resolutions and as soon as I’ve formulated realistic goals, I’ll put them up.

I hope your NYE celebrations were lovely as well.
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