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Teaser Thursday

I've been working on the story under the cut for a while now. Between writer's block, a new subject, and general blah-ness, I haven't worked on it for a while. What can I say about this one... Let me think... Once finished it'll be the last part of the 'Taming the Beast'-series, meaning it'll be NC-17. I'm already 6k words, which is quite lenghty for a PWP (yup). The subject is not for everyone, but the appropriate warnings will be given in due time. This snippet is PG-13, though.

I fully intend on finishing it, so it won't end up as a Plotbunny Graveyard entry. But when and how, I have no idea. Kinkfest is coming up in February, so it would be quite appropriate but I don't know... I still have a certain marriage-law fic to finish amongst other things. ;) Besides, I'm not feeling all that 'porny' lately either, so...

For now, all I can say is enjoy! (also, not edited or proofread, consider yourself warned)

Knockturn Alley felt more desolate than ever tonight. The poorly reputable part of the British wizarding world seemed to be holding its breath as day turned into night, almost as if they expected something to happen. The setting sun cast long shadows over the slippery cobblestone, darkening the already shadowy street and dilapidated buildings alongside it. Unsavoury looking wizards and witches, who had avoided the bright daytime, slowly emerged, creeping further from their hiding spots in pace with the growing shadows.

Walking in the middle of the street, too uncomfortable to walk too close to the empty shops and the few habited but questionable buildings, a young woman once known by the name of Katie Bell quickly made her way towards Diagon Alley. She wanted to kick herself for being here this late, all because of some random note that had piqued her curiosity. She should have known better than to venue out alone in this part of London after dark. Nothing good could come of it.

Just a few more yards and she would be out of this hellhole and back to civilisation. At least, that was what she kept telling herself as she quickened her pace, firmly holding her wand. Freedom was right under her fingertips, and she wouldn’t think twice to blast anyone who dared to cross her in her quest into a million pieces.

So focussed on her mission and then getting out as fast as possible, she didn’t notice the dark shadow that had been following her from the moment she had walked into Knockturn Alley an hour ago. And now, with Diagon Alley just a few steps away, her pursuer picked up his pace to catch up to her while he put on potion-laced gloves.

The bright lights of Diagon already illuminated her face when he reached out to her. She didn’t have time to scream or put her wand to good use when a big gloved hand clamped down on her mouth, and a strong arm held her own tightly against her body. She tried to fight herself free, kicking the air as he picked her up in one simple sweep. The harder she breathed in panic against the leather glove, the more of the toxic fumes she inhaled. It didn’t take long for the dizziness to overtake. His half-covered face as he leered down at her was the last thing Katie noticed before the world turned dark.
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