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I thought I'd share a little snippet from the next (and last) installment of the 'One of These Days'-series. Yes, there is a lot of purple prose in there! What can I say, katie loves her historical romance novels. :P

Chambermaid Katherine knew better than to give into Lord Flint, but her treacherous body ignored her sensible mind. Wanton with lust and desire, she gave up her feeble protests when he pressed his mighty strong body against hers. The thrust of his erected manhood pressed against her belly, the stubble on his jaws rough against her cheeks. Common sense told her that she ought to push him off. If someone ever found out, catch them like this, her name and honour would be tainted forever. But she lost coherent thought and speech when his big hands cupped her ample bosom.

Meanwhile, his tongue probed along her lips, seeking entrance. Damn you, Lord Flint, maid Katherine thought as she opened her plump lips, and immediately felt the triumphant surge of his tongue. Her own tongue met his, boldly, trying to keep up with the rhythm he set. She had no idea what she was doing as her tongue tangled and duelled with his, her ears deafened by the sound of his breathing and her thundering heart. His hands came down, over her back, down to her waist and he scrunched up her skirts. Before she realised what was happening, his fingers were stroking her virginal entrance. Lost in scandalous thoughts, maid Katherine pushed his robes back and found naked skin, hot and smooth over shifting, hard muscle.


Moaning again, chambermaid Katherine slowly opened her eyes, fully expecting Lord Flint’s smouldering gaze hypnotising her. However...

Life had the terrible habit of utterly disappointing Katie.
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