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Since we don’t celebrate Sinterklaas like most of the country, G. and I’d decided to get a head-start with the Christmas decorations last weekend.

Whilst he was busy outside with enough lights to light up the whole neighbourhood, I put my decoration talents to good use inside. The tree alone cost me nearly three hours (unraveling the fairy lights included). Kinda proud of the result!

Unfortunately, this grumpy old man hated all the fuss, and it shows! He refused to come in Sunday afternoon in protest. Until it started raining.

In other news, I failed in finishing my mini-fest entry, even with the granted extension. However, since I’m 4k words in, I think I’ll have it finished this year. I think... Anyway, maybe it’s for the best I dropped out because I have to admit that the story isn’t too Christmas-y. It’s actually inspired by a Stephen King short-story (I’m a huuuuuuuggggge fan, have been since I was 10 and read IT). All I have to do is finish writing it and come up with a title and a catchy summary. Pfff....
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