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FIC: Drabble. A Beautiful Sight To Behold (Alicia/Terence), PG

Title: A Beautiful Sight to Behold
Pairing: Terence Higgs/ Alicia Spinnet
Prompt: the beautiful side of evil
Rating: PG
Word Count: 402 words
Summary: It seemed fitting that this would be the day that they'd stop sneaking around.
Author's Notes: The dream both Alicia and Terence refer to can be found here or here.
Link to Prompt Table: Prompt Table

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Alicia murmured. On cue almost, the darkness around them was chased away. Shooting stars cut through the night, exploding into blueish-white sparks high above.

Terence enfolded her hand in his, only having eyes for her as she kept staring up at the sky. He held on tight, afraid to lose her. Just a few days ago, up until that morning, being out in public together, holding hands had been an impossibility. Their families held different believes about what it meant to be a Pureblood, and at the same time those believes were painfully similar. Now, though, tonight he did not care for his family and keeping secrets to appease them. Not any longer. It seemed fitting that this would be the day that they'd stop sneaking around.

"A true beauty," Terence said quietly as he kept watching her, smiling when she did.

"I had a dream last night," Alicia said suddenly, still staring up at the sky. She leant her elbows on the railing, to have better look whilst trying to find the right words.

"Oh, what about?" Terence frowned, not sure if he wanted to hear. He, too, had dreamt. Bad dreams about Fenrir Greyback and his pack chasing them. Finding them. Attacking them. Dreams that ended with pain and blood and ice-cold snow and the life seeping out of his body as Alicia screamed.

“I can’t remember much.” Alicia tore her gaze from the sky and turned to Terence. "But there was snow and I was scared and lost and you weren't there."

"I'll always be here, right beside you. Nothing can keep us apart." Terence pulled her closer into his embrace. "We've come this far, we're going to see this to the end."

"The bitter end," Alicia agreed, her voice thick with emotion. She pressed her forehead against his chest, clutching to the front of his robes as if she was trying to keep him from disappearing. After a few deep breaths, she said, "We should help."

Terence didn't let go of her hand when they both raised their wands at the sky, firing the same protective charms as their former professors and Orders member alike were firing from the courtyard below.

"Protego Maxima."

"Fianto Duri."

"Repello Inimicum."

The protective shield around Hogwarts Castle was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

They'd be ready when that beauty crumbled.

Ready to fight ‘til the bitter end.
Tags: alicia spinnet/terence higgs, drabble, one-shot, rarepair_shorts, rating: pg
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