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London 2017 Trip!

Suitcase packed?


Passports, tickets, and Oystercards at the ready? Alarm set for 4:15 AM?


Ready for a long weekend in London?

Dubbel Check!!

So, in a few hours, hubs and I will be boarding the train in Essen (Belgium) and if all goes according to plan, arrive with the Eurostar in London a few minutes before ten a.m. local time. I'm so excited and quite needy of a break before starting my new job.

The last time we were London was in April last year. We were there for 5 days and I know that we saw most of the important landmarks during that visit, we did not see all the things we wanted. Because of that, and the rather disappointing HP exhibition last summer, G. promised that we could retake the trip for my birthday. Since my B-day is next week, we're having an early celebration. Yay me!

I've spent the last few days putting together an itinerary to ensure that we'll see and visit all the places we've missed the last time. The highlight, of course, is the HP Studio Tour on Friday. I'm really looking forward to that now that it's almost there.

I'll try to post a few pics as I go. Let's see if I can trump the uber London pic from last year! (the only thing bought there was a tote bag. The handbag I'd set my eyes on at the time cost more than that trip and the summer holiday of that year combined. So, yeah...)

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