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A Sign of Life

The past weeks after my holiday have been quite hectic. I was assigned to 2 projects on the opposite side of the country. I mean, I’m in the Netherlands, a minuscule country compared to others, but still, three-hour drives one-way is not the standard here. Especially from the deep south where I am to the most northern end. And that’s exactly what I had to do for three to four times a week, spent 6 hours a day (on a good day) in my car. That atop of the 8 hours a day working with petulant, non-cooperative…people who tend to suck out your soul with their never-ending complaining.

Of course, I have a relationship and a social life that I want to keep. Not to mention I can be quite, uh, particular about housekeeping (my poor, poor BF; he cannot do no right when it comes to it) so I found myself juggling and planning every minute of my free time to make the best of it. Oh, and somewhere in between, I managed to negotiate a contract (yay for long drives) with a new employer. Handing over my one month notice to my supervisor was the best feeling I had in a long time, professional wise, of course.

I’m starting there November 1st as a Purchaser (my profession before I had the silly idea of venturing into software consultancy) with the intention to take over as a Supply Chain Manager in a few years when the old geezer currently holding that position retires. A nice, knowledgeable man who seems excited to guide me, so fingers crossed that this will turn out to be a right choice.

The company I’ll be working for makes these among other pastries.

Walking around the bakery, inhaling the sweet scent of freshly baked cake is enough to elevate a grumpy mood. I expect that I’ll turn into one of those people who smile the whole day through. Time to invest in some heavy-duty wrinkle cream and botox! Oh, and use my gym membership and running shoes to the fullest. Yeah, we can take free cake home on Fridays. So….

With all that going on in my life, I haven’t written much. Nothing, to be more precise. I have a designated laptop for that, a nice bright blue coloured HP Stream, and I can’t remember the last time I started that thing up. But now that I’m officially pulled from the projects (my current employer’s way of ‘punishing’ me for daring to quit; joke’s on them), I have 12 days to kill in the office before I can officially say goodbye and I hope we never meet again. Maybe I’ll manage to get a few words on paper in that time.

There are more things at play that keep from writing, of course. A big part of that is my waning interest in the Harry Potter-fandom in general. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll get new inspiration after the HP studio tour we’ve planned on the 27th, but somehow I doubt it. Perhaps it’s time to admit that I just don’t get the same fulfilment out of writing fanfic than I used to when I started out. It’s become something akin to pulling teeth. However, I will finish the WIPs (published and unpublished) I was working on, at a far slower pace than usual, though.

For a minute, I thought about writing for another fandom, A Song of Ice and Fire in particular, but the level of violence throughout the series is just not my cup of tea nor my strength as an amateur writer to dabble in. Fluffy romance all the way for me!

Maybe, in time, I’ll venture into original fiction, write one of those thirteen in a dozen Harlequinesque thigh-clenchers, bodice rippers about poor little damsels in distress with victim-complexes and handsome and obscenely wealthy but emotionally stunted rakes. Yeah, that might work… :)

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