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Story recommendations!

Before I forget, I'm reccing GEN-stories over at crack-broom this month.

I think I have nice list to promote. Three of my recommendations are posted already and three more (maybe 5) will follow before the end of the month. Go check them out and if you're inclined to do so, leave some love for the authors.

Next month (October) I'm reccing 8 Katie/Marcus fics. Most of them are hidden gems, in my not so modest opinion, and I want to make sure that they're not forgotten. I'm a bleeding heart, I am. ;)

November will be dedicated to Ron Weasley. My poor cinnamon bun deserves more love than the HP fandom is willing to give him, and I'll make sure he gets it one recommendation at a time.

So, in case you're bored and/or have time to waste, go check crack-broom and the recommendations provided there. Not only by me but the other reccers as well.
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