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Easing back into real life

Hullo, lovelies, I'm back!
With a heavy heart, I finally have to admit to myself that my three-week holiday is about to end. Of all the things on my/our laundry list of things to do during the past three weeks, I/ we managed just a few. None of those was writing, no even a simple story outline, unfortunately. I feel like my head's gonna explode with all the story ideas and inspiration to continue works in progress. Lounging on a sunbed for two weeks can do that to a person. I filled a small pocket notebook (oily from the sunscreen) with my hieroglyphic penmanship and I'd hoped to at least work those out into more readable drabbles. Alas, my brain is still on standby and refuses to cooperate on the more creative things in life. I blame the steroids I'm currently on; it's making me restless and hopefully, I can stop using them shortly. (In the past complaining about a writer's block helped me cure of it, so don't mind my whining.)

But on the bright side, me and my lover-man are another step closer to buying our dream kitchen! Yes, we're that old grown-up! :) It'll cost an arm and a leg and most probably a kidney and a part of my liver, but we're getting that sodding kitchen, even if it's the last thing I'll do! Dammit, I'm getting old! >:(

Let's see, what else... Oh, I had a second interview last Friday for a possible new job opportunity. Although I've started last May with my current employer, I'm so ready to leave them that I dread come Monday when I have to go back to the office. Gah, no, IT is not my thing, I was not made for it and certainly do not have the mindset to dedicate 90% of my time to my job like most of my colleagues. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to take the plunge and throw away my secure job of 9 years for this fiasco. So, please, keep your fingers crossed, light a few candles, and please pray to whatever god/deity/ spaghetti monster you believe in on my behalf to help me get the job. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

So, that brings me to Fuerteventura. We had a blast there. The hotel we stayed in was overrated and too expensive for what they offered, and the foods caused me to get sick the first week. I've Ulcerative Colitis, so I'm a bit sensitive to certain foods and drinks. Should've known better, I guess, thank god it was a not too bad flare. A few pills and I'm almost as good as I was before we left to Fuerteventura. It wouldn't have been the first time that I got hospitalised for it.

Aside from the utter depressing shithole the hotel was and the hot-knife twisting in my gut, the island itself is just gorgeous with its black landscape (in short, Fuerteventura is a volcanic island that's been grazed bare by the too many goats on the island), and the almost never ceasing wind (hence the name). There are grand exotic beaches for as far as the eye can reach and the surf's is just wicked! Biarritz (in France) is still the best thus far (European wide), but Fuerteventura is a good second in my opinion.

What else... oh, we made some new friends of the animal kind, lounged lazily on the beach, and on the last day on the island, we somehow wound up on a nudist beach one day when we walked a little bit too far to the left on the beach. I thought I'd be too prudish for that kind of thing but what they say it's true: No-one cares how you look without your clothes on, which was very liberating. Putting our clothes back on that evening felt very restrictive, lol!

Here are a few pictures:

The skeleton belongs to a sperm whale for those who are interested. Those are free-range donkeys (two of four) that freely roamed the streets of Morro Jable. I don't think anyone owned them. The parakeet (at least, I think that's what the green bird is), was part of a colony that lived in the palm trees there. And then the chipmunks, those cheeky little bastards just ran up your legs to snatch the peanuts from your hands!

Again, a wonderful holiday and I'm very sorry that it's over. *deep sigh*

However, we do have something great to look forward to (no, not the kitchen). We're going to London!!! We're leaving 26 October and we've tickets to the HP studio tour for the 27th. So, excited about that! I'm trying to convince my BF to buy tickets for Mama Mia! as well, but he isn't having it just yet. Apparently, doing the HP tour is more than enough torture. Honestly, that man can exaggerate like the best of them. But, that's okay, I'll wear him down in time to get my way. ;)

Oh, before I forget, let me know if you got the cards, yeah? I wonder how long it'll take before you get your card.

So, how have you been?
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