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So, since my writer’s block refuses to leave me alone, which I blame on certain aspects in my professional life that bled into my personal life, I’ve been focussing my time on polishing up my Turkish. A girl needs a hobby, ya’know. Also, it would be kind of nice to talk to my granny without stammering and searching for the right words (or using the wrong ones) to say.

Now, what better way to do this than surf youtube for old Turkish movies (copyright? what copyright?) I remembered from my childhood and my late dad’s favourite songs. Well, one movie led to another music clip, and that led me to a fan video, which in turn led me to the Turkish series I’ve been hooked on for the past few weeks. It’s called ‘Beni Bӧyle Sev’, which can mean ‘Love Me Like This’ or ‘Love Me as I Am’. Both translations apply to the story line, by the way.

In short, it’s a story about a poor girl and a rich by falling in love (including crazy friends for comic relief) and the all the drama as well as the comedy that usually surrounds such topics. That’s a very brief synopsis because each episode is almost two hours long and there are 90 episodes in total. Yeah, binge watching is a bit problematic in that sense.

A lovely, wholesome series, and as it was broadcasted on of the state regulated channel, the most sexual thing to happen between the couples on screen is hugging and a quick peck on the cheek. If such a series had been aired in my younger years, it would have saved my parents a lot of panicky searches for the remote or putting their hands before my and my sisters’ eyes each time ‘wanton’ behaviour was shown on the telly. Violence and gore and blood was never a problem (I watched ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street' with my dad when I was eight if I remember correctly), but a bit of skin or frisky couples got them in the highest state of alert. Remember the song ‘Boys, Boys, Boys’ by Sabrina and the music clip to go with it? My mum gave my dad an earful, accusing him of letting me and my sister watch porn! Ah, the joys of growing up in an immigrant family. ;)

However, I digress as usual.

Back to the series, or more specifically, the fan video that has led me down into the rabbit hole that is ‘Beni Bӧyle Sev’. It was actually the song that first caught my attention. It is from 1973, sung by singer Füsun Önal, it’s catchy (to me anyway), and I remember my parents singing or humming it occasionally (oh the nostalgia) whenever they were reminiscing about their younger years.

Anyway, what struck me the most when I first watched the video was the lead actress and how much she resembled the Katie Bell I’ve created in my mind. I’m not the one to appreciate the pastel coloured aesthetics of models in strange poses who are supposed to represent certain characters within a fandom. You can usually find them on Tumblr, mood boards they’re called I believe. Although, I can understand why someone would like them, using real people to represent fictional characters has never sat well with me. Also, it ruins imagination in general, I think.

Then this fan video happened, and I've been forced to reconsider my stance. The first time I watched it, I couldn't help but feel as if was watching my Katie in the flesh. What’s even worse, I can see my Katie AND Marcus in this (imagine him having had his teeth done).

Am I the only one? What do you think? Does she, he, or both somehow fit your imagination?

PS. If you have any tips on how to get rid of a writer's block, please share!
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