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The frustration is strong with this one...

Version four, I working on effing version four. FOUR! As in 4! That's the most up-to-date count for the last chapter of 'A Lifetime'.

Why? Why am I doing this to myself? Why can't I just put an end to this fic instead of re-writing every other effing scene? I was supposed to have it finished last May, maybe June at latest, but here we are... It's July and I'm not even close to editing the final chapter, let alone publishing it. Tering tyfus klotezooi... Waarom moet mij dit nou overkomen?!

It's not only frustration of not being able to finish the goddamned thing, it's keeping me from working on my other stories and ideas as well. I have five stories outlined, seven if you count the wips as well, three of them due by the end of Agust and all I can do is stare at the screen. Dammit, I even have a playlist on youtube for one the fics, somthing I've never done before... But nothing, I just keep on staring at the cursor, and when I'm not, I'm rewriting the final chapter of 'A Lifetime'.

Someone just put me out of my misery already...

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