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Reminder -- Harlequin BB sign-ups end tomorrow!

Originally posted by selenic76 at Reminder -- Harlequin BB sign-ups end tomorrow!
As we kick off the three months of romance filled creativity tomorrow, the sign-ups will close.

Tomorrow will be the last official day to sign up!

But if you pop in late and think you can pull this off in less time, you're more than welcome to join in late :) Check the info post for the requirements of each media. And if you're interested in collaborating, be it fic for pic, vice versa, or something else, be sure to check the Collaboration post! Links for everything down below! ^_^

Links: Sign-up post | Info post on LJ or on DW) | Banners and sharing codes on LJ or on DW | Seek/Offer collaboration | Prompts for inspiration on LJ or on DW
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