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FIC, K/M, Katie&Marcus, CH3 and CH4, rating M

Katie & Marcus (50364 words) by RosevalleyNB
Chapters: 19/19
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Katie Bell/Marcus Flint
Characters: Katie Bell, Marcus Flint, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, Terence Higgs, Adrian Pucey, Millicent Bulstrode
Additional Tags: One Night Stands, Loss of Virginity, Alternate Universe, Romance, Attempt at Humor
Series: Part 2 of Unconventional, Almost Unlikely

Angie and Ally knew that Katie would never say 'no' to a dare. It was always a matter of misplaced sense of pride for their friend and the girls always knew how to exploit that.

Katie knew that she was as crazy as her friends when she uttered the words that would change the course of her whole life.

“Fine. I’m in.”

Chapter 3: Back at Hogwarts

It was a cold and dreary January evening and the gloomy weather was the perfect mirror of Katie's mood. Instead of staying inside, warm and dry, she had opted for a stroll around to brood in solitude. Thankfully, she was alone since walking around in the cold dark wasn't a favourite pastime for most students.

For the past hour, she’d been walking up and down the wet banks, now and then stopping to stare at the ripples that ran over the water each time the Giant Squid reared its ugly head. It was strangely soothing and helped to clear her mind.

And Merlin knows, Katie needed a clear mind. All she could think about was the night she'd spent with Flint. It was on her mind every waking minute. The things they’d done regularly invaded her dreams at the most inappropriate times. Waking up in the morning all hot and bothered wasn't something she familiar with, and it was interfering with her life.

In the few days since school had started again, she had managed to fall off her broom, receive detention with Snape, and forgot to write an essay for her Transfiguration class. McGonagall had even sent her to Madam Pomfrey, thinking Katie was sick because of her flushed cheeks, higher temperature, and glassy eyes. The truth was that she had been daydreaming, quite explicitly, about Flint.

It had to stop.

And on top of that, her parents had grounded her for life until further notice and had threatened to revoke the permission they had given for her to attend the try-outs during Easter holiday. That she was of age and didn’t have to live with or listen to them, theoretically speaking, hadn’t deterred them at all.

When she got home that Saturday morning, almost noon, her furious father, sobbing mother, and someone from the MLE taking statements from them had welcomed her. That had been awkward, to say the least. The awkwardness had reached new heights when she’d rushed to her mother’s side to console her, and the torn knickers fell out her pocket.

Of course, Katie had tried to placate them, made up weak excuses about falling asleep on Angie’s sofa, conveniently ignoring the piece of scrap by her feet. However, the love bite on her collarbone, the torn knickers, and the fact that Angie’s flat had been the first place her parents had checked, hadn’t helped her cause. The scolding she got from them and the stern talking to by the Auror had rivalled Molly Weasley’s howlers. But the worst of all, her parents had refused to see her off to Hogwarts the next day. That had hurt, still did. Katie hated disappointing her parents, and they were clearly that.

“Damn those hags and their stupid dares,” she muttered, kicking a pebble.

She wasn't about to acknowledge her share in the happenings of that night and was quite comfortable with blaming her friends. If her parents had allowed her to leave the house or receive visitors, she would have happily throttled the girls. Those crows were in a world of hurt once she got her hands on them. The cowards hadn’t even shown their faces at King’s Cross to wave her off despite their promises that they would.

And then there was Flint. How on earth did that happen? He was the thick, troll-like, irritating arse that used to make playing Quidditch against Slytherin a hell. What in Merlin's name had she been thinking when she allowed him to take her to…wherever it was he’d taken her. Then he had taken her, to the point that she’d been sore for a few days. Thinking about what they’d done that night still had her clenching her thighs. Since when did Flint have that kind of effect on her?

In his defence, he had been funny and quite easy to talk to. However, that also could have been her inebriated mind playing tricks on her. But still, he did have the kind of eyes that a girl could lose herself in –if you took the time to look at his face for long enough- and his touches and been surprisingly gentle. The thick troll she’d always thought him to be was, in fact, a moderately intelligent and charming man. With a body, oh that body, she wanted to curl up against after he’d made her toes curl again.

“Dammit. Just forget about it, stupid cow,” Katie scolded herself and kicked another pebble. Apparently, clearing her mind was not in the stars for her tonight. “Try harder, try harder.”

“Do you always talk to yourself?”

The voice made Katie jump up, yelping in fright. Clutching her chest, she turned around.

“What the fuck! Do you always sneak up on people like that?” Katie vaguely recognised the girl standing before her. The fat girl from Slytherin, a year below her, the one who used to do the headlock thing.

‘What’s her name?’

“I called out. It’s not my fault that you were daydreaming,” the girl replied in a bored tone as she shrugged.

“Do you need something?” Why was the chit talking to her? Didn’t she see that she wanted to be left alone?

“No. But, that idiot cousin of mine insisted that I give you this.” The girl plucked something from her robe pocket. It was a crumpled and stained envelope.

“You are Katie Bell, aren’t you?” The girl looked relieved when Katie nodded in reply and passed on the letter. “Sorry about how it looks. I’ve had it in my pocket for the last few days. I only learnt today it was you I had to give it to. Really couldn’t recall your face.”

Katie turned the envelope around a few times, trying to decipher from whom it could be without opening it. The girl was a Slytherin, after all. You couldn’t be too safe with that lot. The handwriting on the letter was unfamiliar, and there seemed to be something solid in it.

“Who’s your cousin?”

“Marcus,” the girl replied with a frown.

“Marcus who?” Katie was sure her voice had risen a few octaves.

‘Stupid butterflies. Ease down, will you!’

“Marcus as in Flint.”

The rush of excitement that went through her at hearing his name and the knowledge that he’d taken the time to write her was almost embarrassing. Katie just hoped that the girl didn’t notice her flushed cheeks in the dark.

‘Get yourself together.’

She cleared her throat a few times as she stared at the envelope, only looked up when the other girl did the same. “Thank you, uhm... I’m sorry, I don’t know your name.”

“Millicent,” the girl offered and waited for Katie to introduce herself as well. When that didn’t happen, she turned around with a huff and walked away with her friend who had been standing a few feet away from them.

Katie didn’t notice, though, she was too transfixed on the letter in her hand. It was time to go to her dorm and see what Flint had written her. 


Chapter 4: The Portkey

“I must be mad,” Katie muttered to herself as she crept down the narrow tunnel that would lead her out of Hogwarts into the free world. There were many secret passages the twins had told her about, but this one was the only one that she had been able to get to without being caught by Filch and his flea ball, Mrs Norris.

The tunnel was dirty and damp, and she tried hard not to think about the little critters that she heard around her or the cobwebs that seemed to accumulate around her head.

‘This better be worth it.’

Flint’s letter had been burning in her pocket for days while she had weighed the pros and cons against of doing as the message in it had suggested. For all she knew, it was a joke on her from her fellow schoolmates. Eventually, her curiosity had won, and she had given into temptation. The note itself was short. ‘Use it’ it said, referring to the small pendant in the envelope. The snitch shaped charm was clearly a Portkey designed to take her to him. No words of affection, he hadn’t even signed his name.

‘So far for romance.’

At first, the bossy words and his confidence that she would do as he told her to do had outraged her. But, as the days passed, she found herself more and more curious to know why Flint wanted to see her again. Logically, she knew it would be for the best for her sanity to forget that night, pretend that it had never happened. At the same time, that night had awoken something she couldn't quite put her finger on, and she wanted to explore those feelings. Not with the boys at Hogwarts, though, that would be wrong for far too many reasons.

That’s why she was here on a Friday night, sneaking out for the first time in her seven years at here. Doing something forbidden, which was strangely exciting, was new to her. Katie had always lived by the rules her parents had instilled. If they could see her now, they'd surely have a heart attack and think that she was possessed or under the Imperius Curse for doing something like this.

‘Possessed by the possibility of sex,’ Katie snort-laughed at her pervy thoughts.

The night sky was clear and the full moon lightened up the surroundings as she crept out the tunnel, happy to inhale fresh air once again. The secret passage had led her just outside the gates, near the main entrance. Katie quickly Scourgified herself and hoped that she didn’t look too much like something the Kneazle had dragged in. As soon as she was confident enough that her appearance was acceptable, she grabbed the Portkey and was gone in an instant.

As far as she could recall, the room she landed in was the same as the one she woke up in two weeks prior. The cream coloured pile carpet was so soft that her feet disappeared in it when she swirled around to have a better look. The large four-poster bed against the far wall looked as comfortable as she remembered it being. Ruby-coloured curtains obscured the windows, keeping out the storm she heard raging outside. A happily crackling fire in the hearth warmed the room. She quickly darted over the fireplace to warm her hands.

He wasn’t here to her utter disappointment and at the same time, she was relieved about that. It gave her some more time to collect her thoughts since sneaking out unseen had been her primary goal. For a fleeting minute, she wondered if should have owled Flint to let him know that she'd be coming tonight. What if he had other plans or was travelling? Weren’t there the European League matches this time of year?

“Fucking smart,” Katie scolded herself as she moved to the bed and flopped backwards and took her time to figure out what she was supposed to do next.

It was a tie between waiting for him to come home and returning to Hogwarts. Walking out the room to see where the Portkey had taken her crossed her mind, but she soon discarded that idea. She had no inkling to where she was, and Merlin only knew what lived on the other side of those doors. What if there were crazy creatures out there? This was still Flint, after all.

The bed was comfortable, in fact, the whole room exuded comfort. It was a far better place to spend some time in than the noisy and crowded common room. Not to mention, it gave her a chance to avoid McLaggen, who kept throwing her suspicious glances since a few days and frankly, he was making her nervous.

“Just for a little while,” she mumbled as she kicked off her shoes and crept under the covers. Half an hour, that was how long she planned to wait for Flint and not a minute longer. It wasn’t long before her eyes drooped and she was off to the land of Nod.


It was nearing midnight when Marcus finally made it back to Flint Manor. He was having an utterly shitty day. Training had been brutal; his teammates had taken turns in kicking him off his broom more times than he cared to think about, leaving him sore all over. Although training had run late because of his lack of concentration, his teammates had still asked him to go for drinks. And as the new captain needing to win them over, he hadn’t been able to refuse without looking like an utter tosser. A few turned out to be a lot and here he was, regretting that he'd given in. Unfortunately, the usual buzzy feel that accompanied that many drinks, never came. Only a skull-splitting headache.

Usually, the manor was deadly quiet when he got home. Ever since his parents had decided to retire to Spain, the only companions he had were the house elves and the odd visit from his friends. Or the chits who offered themselves for a night of fun. It was strange really; before he started playing for the Tornadoes, witches had rarely looked twice in his direction. But now, they flocked around him, hoping to get their hands on a famous Quidditch star and the future successor to Flint Industries.

Marcus didn’t mind and quite eagerly accepted what those witches had to offer to make up for lost time. Although lately, he hadn’t brought any of them home. His mind was still on Bell as he counted down the days until the next Hogsmeade weekend his cousin Millie had told him about so he could see her again. He sure hoped that little Bell would use the Portkey because he had plans for her.

As soon as Marcus stepped out the fireplace and before he had the chance to dust off the soot from his clothes, he was confronted with a sobbing, dark-haired witch in his favourite leather chair.

‘If I’ve told her once, I’ve told her a thousand times.’

“Sophia?” he called out cautiously.

The witch snapped up her head. Her big brown eyes were red-rimmed, and her cheeks stained with tears. “Oh, Marcus,” she wailed and flung herself at him, crying even harder in his chest.

“There, there,” Marcus said as he awkwardly patted her back. He could feel her tears soak through his robes.
‘Oh Gods, not snot. Please not snot.’

“Oh, Marcus,” Sophia wailed again, making him curse the day he had allowed around the clock Floo access to his friends and their witches. Sobbing chits hadn't been a part of the deal, though.

“What's he done now?” Marcus said with a sigh as he tried to pry the woman off him.

“He…he…he forgot our anniversary,” was the wailing answer and a fresh batch of tears followed soon after.

“What anniversary?”

“Our four-month wedding anniversary.” She looked up at him as if he was stupid for making her say it aloud. “When I reminded him about it, he said that I was crazy.”

‘Because you probably are, you barmy bint.’

In the four months since Higgs had got himself shackled to the nutter formerly known as Sophia Montague, she had been at the manor at least half a dozen times, crying over something insignificant. Just like now. Her parents had already forbidden her to bother them unless it was a life or death situation. And since Sophia didn’t have any friends of her own and had never learnt to get along with the other girlfriends and wives, Marcus had been her only refuge in troubling times.

He made a mental note to alter the wards and limit the Floo access as soon as the crazy bat left in the morning. “Come on, let’s get you settled in and I’ll let Terence know that you’re here.”

‘Again, you mental hag.’

Marcus led the sobbing woman to the only bedroom that was in proper use at the Manor: his. He’d made the mistake of offering her one of the guestrooms the first time she'd come over in hysterics. The tantrum that had followed -how dare he lock her up in a dusty broom closet- had nearly deafened him. Ever since that night, he had always sacrificed his room whenever she fought with Higgs and hid in the farthest corners of the Manor.

As soon as they reached his room, he practically shoved Sophia through the door. For a minute, he contemplated on locking her in to prevent her from wandering his house in the middle of the night. It wouldn’t be the first time she had done something like that.

“Here you go. I’ll send Crumpet with the necessities.”

“You’re too sweet, Marcus.” To his utter horror, Sophia planted a quick peck on his cheek.

‘Definitely altering the wards.’

Cursing under his breath, Marcus got away from her as quickly as he could. He was halfway down the hall when the first shrieks reached his ears, making him cringe. It sounded too a much like nails on a chalkboard.

“Oh sweet Salazar, what now, you mad cow,” he growled.

The shrieks intensified in the span of the few second it took him to reach the bedroom again. As he came closer, he was able to distinguish a second, pleading voice. Someone was trying to calm Sophia down by the sounds of it. Did Crumpet scare the banshee?

When he opened the door, the sight in front of him was not what he had expected. Sophia had her wand drawn and was pointing it at the bed, cursing at the top of her lungs. On, or rather in his bed sat Bell, clutching to the covers as a shield. Her eyes were wide as saucers as she tried to convince the screaming witch to put down her wand. As soon as Sophia noticed Marcus, she turned to him, giving Bell the chance to roll out the bed and grab her wand.

“How dare you, Marcus Flint! Why would you think that I'd share a room with this hussy? Don't ever confront me with your tarts again. Get her out!” Sophia kept on screaming, stabbing the tip of her wand into his chest.

Marcus paid her no heed, though. His attention was on the pleasant surprise by the name of Katie Bell. In his bed for some reason. She had come, much sooner than he had expected her to. But, instead of a very, very pleasurable night, this was turning out to be a nightmare. With each word Sophia uttered, he could see Bell’s face fall further. Before he got the chance to say something to her, her hand reached into her pocket, and she disappeared in the blink of an eye.

‘One-way portkey the next time it is then.’

“Really, Marcus. When are you going to stop with these girls?” Sophia whined.

Before she could say more, Marcus grabbed her arm and dragged her to the fireplace. Keeping Sophia from struggling free with one arm, he used his free hand to throw a pinch of Floo powder into the heart while he called out for Terence Higgs. He had enough.

“What are you doing? I don’t want to speak to him yet.”

“For fuck’s sake, woman. Shut up for once.”

Terence’s sleepy head appeared in the fireplace, angering Marcus even more than he already was. The bastard was having a bloody beauty sleep while his mental wife was well on her way into ruining his life.

“Do you know what time it is?” Higgs said yawning.

“Yes, time for your wife to come home. Step aside, I’m pushing her through.”

Both Terence and Sophia began protesting, neither eager to see the other so soon. Terence begged and even offered money to convince Marcus to keep his wife for the night. Not that it worked. As promised, Marcus shoved Sophia into the green flames. As soon as the green flames swallowed her whole, he closed down the hearth and called for his elf, Crumpet, and ordered him to take all the fireplaces off the Floo-network.

“Oh, and get Pucey here. I need another Portkey.”

Tired, Marcus slumped down in a chair. He needed a new plan to lure little Bell his way. If he had assessed her correctly, she’d probably toss out the new Portkey he planned on sending her. He needed a backup plan. Because the next time, and he was sure that there would be, Katie wasn’t getting away from him.
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