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Hullo Lovelies!

Most of my stories written and posted before April 8, 2018 can be found on AO3.

For the time being, this journal is mostly friends locked. New stories (rough edits), snippets, and story ideas will still be posted here but you’ll have to be a friend to access those.

I can’t tell when the new fics/updates on WiPs will be made public (LJ or AO3). My main priority, after my private and professional life, is to write. I need to churn out at least 150k words by the end of this year as that is my word pledge for getyourwordsout.

As expected I'm failing terribly!

The post below this one will stay public in case you’re curious to know what I’m working on/ intend to work on.
Tags: f-locked, on writing
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