rosevalleynb (rosevalleynb) wrote,

HP Het Mini Fest

hphet hphet
presents the first ever mini fest!
Come join us for a self-posting,
low-stress fest on both DW and LJ
to get the comms back into use!
Word limit: 500-1500.
Prompting: April 30 - May 13
Claiming: May 14 - May 27
Posting: May 28 until finished.

Anyone can prompt and anyone can claim.
It's low-stress fest, so the claiming will just be a comment on the post when it goes up.
Prompts can be claimed by an unlimited amount of people.
You can cross-post to both communities, or just one.
There will be weekly wrap-ups with links to fics/art on both sites.
More info coming as the date gets closer!
Tags: !promo
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