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FIC: Bun in The Oven (Harry Potter, Katie/Marcus, G)

Edward Bell hated Marcus.

The man hated him with the burning rage of a thousand suns.

Well, he hadn’t said it aloud, but he did. Marcus was sure of it.

The evidence was right there if you knew where to look.

The glare that promised a slow and painful death.

Then there was the nervous twitching of his moustache each time Marcus dared to open his mouth in the man’s presence.

The unnerving remarks about how to slowly kill someone with undetectable poisons, which made dinners with the man quite tense.

Or his detailed descriptions of how he’d dispose of a body in the Thames. Mincing machines and acids were involved somehow.

Of course, he only said those things whenever Katie or her other father, Vincent, were out of earshot. Edward was as sweet as a lamb whenever those two were near. A big cuddly bear with a heart of gold as Katie fondly described him to strangers.

Marcus couldn’t see it, at all. All he saw was a certified lunatic who’d happily chop him into a million pieces and feed him to the fishes.

Edward Bell hated him.

And after today, he’d probably put those disturbing fantasies of his into work.

“Are you ready?” Katie chirped as she grabbed the tin with Floo powder from the mantelpiece. A giant teddy bear holding a heart which read ‘I Love My Granddaddies’ sat by her feet.It was her way of telling her fathers that she had a bun baking in the oven. A bun he, Marcus, had put in her oven.

Marcus swallowed hard as he slowly got up, wiping off his clammy hands on his trousers. He wasn’t ready to face Mister Bell, not by a long shot, but he couldn’t tell Katie that, could he? She’d never believe him.

Marcus could only hope that Edward Bell would let him live long enough to see the birth of his child.
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