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Pay it forward and make snail mail great again!

Saw the idea in other journals, liked it, and now I feel entitled to use it here. Also, it fits in my and G.'s plan to pay it forward more this year because we're doing well for ourselves. And wealth doesn't mean anything if you can't share it with others. Also, it'll help keep the postal workers in business.

As I know some of you do as well, I luv receiving and sending cards. I luv gifting and receiving little gifts in the mail, from cheap, but oh so special, little knickknacks to chocolates and whatnot.
If you want to be on the receiving end of cards and little trinkets and surprises throughout the year, leave you're address details in the comment section (monitored). If you like certain sweets, chocolates, if you collect anything, etc. let me know as well.

The only condition is that you're a friend of this journal.

Important notice: there is absolutely no (zero, nada, null, nihil) obligation to return the favour. I'm doing this because I want to. But if you must, I'd luv concrit on my fics. ;)
Fabulous bitch

Alive and Kicking!

I am amazed at myself that I have stayed away for so long. I don't even know why, it just happened. It's not as if life is so exciting and busy at the moment. Last year around this time (a little earlier) we went into the first lockdown. And now, more than a year later, we are still/again in it and there is no sign of any real improvement. I'm managing just fine, but bloody hell, I miss the gym, going out for dinner/ drinks with friends, and most of all I miss travelling. I'm so jealous of our British neighbours, you guys are heading in the right direction. Kudos to you.

One day, one day it will be all right, I firmly believe in that but wooh... it's really testing my and many others' patience. There is a saying in Dutch that translates as follows: the last mile is the longest one. And that is definitely applicable here.

Other than the usual COVID woes nothing ever happens. Except... I started a new study last January. Initially, it was my intention to start my MBA, but the longer I thought about it, the more it started to bother me. I am so done with corporate life, a study (MBA) is not going to change my mind. So I decided to do something completely different, namely Psychology! My end game is Clinical Psychology.
It's a very interesting field of study and even when I wouldn't do anything with it professionally in the future, it provides so many beautiful (and not so beautiful) insights into people's minds. Even if I only learn to understand myself better and why I do things the way I do, it would be a win.
The hardest thing at the moment is combining school with a full-time job. But if all goes well, I can reduce my hours in August so that I'll have a better balance between private life - work - study. So I just need to hang in there for a little while longer.
It's not all sunshine and unicorn farts, of course. I now remember again how much I hated statistics my first time at uni, don't like it any better the second time around. Blech... Anyone interested in tutoring me? ;)

What else, what else... Oh, I have also signed up for the London Marathon, the virtual one because a) there is no way to get in, and b) how sure is it that free travel will be allowed by then. G. and I are currently training to run 42km on 3 October in our home town. Wish us luck! :)

So, how are you guys? Did I miss anything?
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I woke up this morning with G. hovering over me, staring and grinning like an idiot. When I asked what he was doing, he answered that he wanted to enjoy every minute of the last day of having a younger 30-something partner.
I thanked him for his sweetness by exhaling my morning breath in his face.

True love! ❤

(Carnaval, Feb 2020)

So, how did your day start?